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Plastic guild establishs peaceful wave town

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On July 25, plastic guild establishs peaceful wave town congress is held in guesthouse of more than Yao. Association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment is chairman of deserted quality goods, peaceful classics of city of vice secretary of Wang Dingda of municipal Party committee of vice director of Hu Jianyue of wave city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, more than Yao, Ning Bo appoint city of Chen Chenghai's chief engineer, Ning Bo. Delegate of unit of more than 160 member attended the meeting. On the meeting, adopted association regulation, the election produced the board that forms by 71 people, bao Xincai is elected for chairman.
Peaceful wave city is plastic of guild hold water, serve to strengthening an industry, aggrandizement industry controls oneself, build the bridge between an enterprise and market, government and ligament to have positive effect.

Origin: City classics appoint light industry place is light industrial building materials does

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