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Guild develops 10 big effect to drive an enterprise to develop

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A few days ago, committee of state-owned asset supervisory management released the State Council " guild investigation report " . The report points out, because the government concerns a branch to realise guild is familiar with resource of the business of industry, understanding, perception ability to the market and industry technology qualified personnel stage by stage,wait for a respect to have the advantage that cannot replace, begin to notice to use guild, make guild is cooperating a government sector to undertake macroscopical adjusting control, economy runs the respect such as action of market of analysis, normative business to be able to produce bigger and bigger effect. Overall reduce 10 respects: It is to mirror an enterprise to appeal to centrally beg; 2 it is to drive carry out implement scientific progress concept; 3 it is to participate in make implement macroscopical adjusting control and industrial policy; 4 it is management of executive industry autonomy; 5 it is to build industry business cooperation and communication platform; 6 it is to participate in harmonious answer international trade controversial issue; 7 it is to help an enterprise extend the market; 8 it is progress of science and technology of direct industry business and structural adjustment; 9 it is to drive a society construction of sincere letter system, purify market environment, stimulative enterprise performs social duty; 10 it is training industry business technical qualified personnel.

Origin: City classics appoint light industry place

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