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Prosperous and strong Xin (Ning Bo) the company spends a sale first half of the

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Spend first half of the year, prosperous and strong Xin (Ning Bo) company sale momentum is powerful, sell all sorts of model to record model machine in all 215 are covered, grow 56.9% compared to the same period, sale amounts to seventy-three million one hundred and forty-eight thousand yuan, grow 106.5% compared to the same period. In addition, company product exit and profit all are compared the corresponding period had last year relatively grow substantially.

Come for years, prosperous and strong Xin (Ning Bo) the company develops new product actively to supply the market, satisfy the client's requirement. On management layout more hasten is reasonable, make the product shows better management outstanding achievement. Company product packs the advantage of course of study to already was developed gradually in domestic electron course of study, car line of business, food, the sale serves a team to expand ceaselessly, produce cost through reducing at the same time, note what model machine product enlarged the market further to have rate.

Prosperous and strong Xin (Ning Bo) the company is in 2008 Shanghai international is rubber-plastic exhibit on, showpiece A, mark is stuck to produce system, FB inside PACK model, servo of R double color is energy-saving and accurate the machine that note model, HN, SV servo is energy-saving and accurate the machine that note model, AD, 150 exceed high speed cap to produce the product such as system and long-range supervisory system, every kinds of new product accords with the market and the need that satisfy a client, also be the economic point of growth of the company at the same time. Accordingly, exhibit during the meeting, in prosperous and strong Xin (Ning Bo) the company is exhibited before, the person that look around in an endless stream, new product is become whole exhibit a can medium window.

Below the unified deploy of the company, departmental door cooperates closely, spend the machine that note model to produce achievement brilliant first half of the year, manufacturing department employee overcomes the task time of miscellaneous, delivery tightens heavy, type wait for respect difficulty, all sorts of machine noting model of high quality already delivered to an user in succession.

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