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SMED- - " a minute of mould changes " technology
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According to detailed list of lists activity of transhipment of through cargo, the relation between each measure, and the time that finishs each measure place to need, this team is right they made logistic order arrange. Can see from inside this one logistic sort, a lot of activities (if give the word of proper resource) can undertake at the same time. But the personnel configuration that must decide what is to belong to bottleneck problem and definite place to need above all.

After the staff that needs in place of the order of certain activity and every activity configures a problem, the transhipment of through cargo that this team begins to plan how to finish the next day works. Job of transhipment of through cargo is gone to by assign all members in the team, begin to make SMED chart at the same time.

When activity of transhipment of through cargo in the begining, the actual time of all activities is come down by the record, undertake tagging. This involves almost whole technological process " range is wide " activity of transhipment of through cargo, need to cost 30 H almost before, and need 3.5h only now achievable. The person that although participate in,is in in activity of transhipment of through cargo is more, but not be process of whole transhipment of through cargo needs so much person. If needed a job that 20h ability finishs in the past, need 4 people to be able to be finished only now. Among them two people cost 1 H about, next additional two people cost 30min again. Sheet is this one, make the stop production time of the machine shortened 18.5h.

Rath Gibson company uses the experiment success of SMED technology, showing this one technology is in charge of in make friends is feasible on machine, they are preparing to pay this kind of possibility now all at real operation. The place of manager Mr Vic Bove of this factory says no less than in that way: "Since we are in charge of process of plane transhipment of through cargo to already established the working program of a standard to all make friends, the biggest challenge that we face at present is to publicize this item that we need to carry out, the roll that uses it at us provides machine and the other field that produce an operation. We will continue to perfect process of each transhipment of through cargo, make arduous efforts to will raise a level further henceforth. Make arduous efforts to will raise a level further henceforth..

SMED(Single Minutes Exchange Of Die) is one when in 20 centuries Feng Tian Motor Corporation of Japan of 50 time initial stage develops answers many batches, a few, reduce inventory and the technology that improve manufacturing system to reflect ability quickly. Law of this one party is weigh husband gentleman by new rural area of Japan (Shigeo Shingo) of initiate, carry out argumentation to pass in numerous enterprise. The means of Single is less than 10min. Depending on rich experience, he developed a method that can analyse the process that change a pattern, found for spot personnel thereby change model the reason that time grows, and how corresponding reductive method. Between the many case of his leader, change model time was fallen even 10min is the following, because this is changed this kind quickly model the method is by coronal name " unit minute sudden switch " . Use at first in the automobile factory, in order to achieve sudden mould switch (Exchange Of Dies) . Mould switch is to point to a machine from production a kind of product turns to produce another kind of product, need changes mould, those who say to change a pattern.
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