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SMED- - " a minute of mould changes " technology
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Rath Gibson company is a production the enterprise of pipeline of qualitative project of alloy of accurate stainless steel, nickel and titanium metal ability. The diametical limits of its product is 0.0625 ~8 In (1in=25.4mm) , mural large range is 0.010 ~0.225 In. This company owns 3 plants in the United States, the figuration that all factories match to nicety provides material / solder equipment, but will become those who coil is banding material rolling becomes tubal capable person, deliver goods next. The concept that each factory produces according to seed profit is engaged in production, ensure the consistent quality of the product.

The challenge that Rath Gibson company faces recently is to shorten the time of transhipment of through cargo of rolling mill tubal material, because according to original traditional method, need time of longer transhipment of through cargo. Machine of canal of every make friends can configure a series of different patterns and equipment, the take shape that is used at providing material, solder, dimension change, anneal, polish, test and cut. Processes of all transhipment of through cargo ask to change the certain part on machine of make friends canal, and some transhipment of through cargo ask to change even all components.

Recently, among them a factory used " a minute of mould changes " technology (SMED) apply its at this factory on the product line of machine of canal of a make friends, see its can achieve what kind of result to improving time of transhipment of through cargo. Use SMED technology to emphasize wanting to shun all and invalid work that produces in process of transhipment of through cargo as far as possible namely, perhaps say to reduce these feeble starts, process of will whole treatment is coherent change provide the machine down time of machine in order to reduce make friends.

The mechanical operation personnel that is familiar with craft of this one transhipment of through cargo, engineer and manager people formed team of technology of a SMED, this technology team wants all what what need is in in process of transhipment of through cargo to list above all when beginning the work all sorts of tools, supplier, equipment and file detailed list, take necessary step, assure to prepare all these before process of transhipment of through cargo begins. This team is returned must accurate control about chart of all a few SMED that these project place need, reach those who avoid to often appear before transhipment of through cargo " bustling " the ground warming-up.

This team next the job is all activities that the place in process of listed transhipment of through cargo involves. Next with unique thinking kind, each member in requirement team puts forward the proposal that they think to shortening make friends is in charge of time of plane transhipment of through cargo to have materiality sense. It is multifarious that the answer that the member gives out can say, but all proposals shorten for machine of make friends canal time of transhipment of through cargo made contribution.
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