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Rotational moulding shapes technology and development
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But, professional of industry of our country rotational moulding is very little however, with be engaged in noting model, crowded give the professional photograph that waits for technology research to compare, the talent that is engaged in rotational moulding craft considering is searched hard. Person with ability of our country rotational moulding is at present basic it is to be in each enterprises to rely on to fumble by oneself consider and grow rise, the amount is not much, and rotational moulding theory considers to be in blank basically, this is very adverse to the long-term development of the industry. Additional, the talent's lack, also make level of whole of rotational moulding industry rises hard, had made the soft costal region that industry of our country rotational moulding grows.

Develop a tendency

Rotational moulding shapes although technical research gained greater success, but with note model, crowded piece (hollow blow model) shape to exist than returning a lot of inadequacy. The development trend that rotational moulding shapes basically centers in the following respects: It is heat to be conducted with the heat of cooling process to what rotational moulding shapes undertake computer simulation, build corresponding mathematical model, undertake to each craft parameter with automation technology nicety is controlled; 2 it is the warp that solves goods and systole, eliminate goods bleb, shorten treatment is periodic. In recent years, more effective craft is improved is to choose appropriate time to give fill inside the model pressure (make an appointment with 69kPa) , can make machine cycle to shorten 25% , at the same time bleb decreases greatly, raised the tenacity of goods. In addition, to air of going from place to place is connected inside the model, reduce a mould inside, outside the temperature gradient between wall and plastic products, strengthening refrigeration thereby while the difference that reduces the goods crystallization construction that causes by difference in temperature and the warpage that bring about; 3 it is development new technology, new material, new equipment.

Current, a few companies of abroad shape to went up to already gained headway with the research and development of colophony and special auxiliary in rotational moulding. The colophony fluidity of new development and tenacity are good, be able to bear or endure environmental stress craze can amount to 1000h above. Rotational moulding is epispastic shape, rotational moulding cross-linking shapes, rotational moulding is multilayer and compound shape the technology also got developing.

Rotational moulding shapes is to produce large and hollow plastic product most economy and effective method. Want to popularize applied rotational moulding to shape in domestic development, with respect to the advanced technique that must absorb abroad, develop the rotational moulding raw material with better more, raise the automation level of rotational moulding equipment, shorten mould design and production cycle, make rotational moulding and note the advance side by side- do two or more things at once of other processing technique such as model, crowded model. (End)
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