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Rotational moulding shapes technology and development
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Should shape the advantage with the biggest method is a mould simple, cost is low. What it uses at most is to produce large and hollow product, but need the pattern with facilities of more large-scale production and logical design accordingly. Rotational moulding shapes must want to make sure its are rotating the mould in the process the be heated of each place is even, just of difficulty of this one technology is the place with homebred equipment and foreign equipment the biggest difference. It is especially in process of production of goods of a few large rotational moulding, be heated not divide evenly often brings about a product local systole is different, impact strength is abate, make finished product quality sells at a discount greatly. The respect is designed in the mould, although because pressure is little and rotational moulding is inferior to mould pressure demand, but to assure the liquidity with good raw material, mould design need is reasonable and concise, and level of design of domestic plastic mould often makes a person satisfactory hard.

As a result of these reasons, the manufacturing facilities of company of products of our country rotational moulding and mould 80 % above is introduced from abroad, this increased the manufacturing cost of goods of our country rotational moulding, make the good point with low cost of rotational moulding facility is shown hard, the application that affected craft of our country rotational moulding develops.

Raw material

With its he shapes methodological photograph is compared, rotational moulding suits to shape more without juncture large and plastic products. Rotational moulding shapes use farinaceous grain raw material, it is pulverous and plastic shape craft is extremely medium shape competitively method. But at the same time, the grain size that it expects to pink, surface is bright and clean degree have higher demand, at the same time requirement raw material has wonderful fluidity and thermal stability. At present the rotational moulding goods of 90 % is special polyethylene raw material produces use rotational moulding, and home can produce rotational moulding the manufacturer of special feed is very few, basically rely on an entrance at present.

Current, global rotational moulding already occupied the 9 % of 8 % ~ of colophony total output with colophony wastage, and our country is not worth 1 % , this shows our country rotational moulding is special the growth vacuum of makings is very giant. Accordingly, raise rotational moulding special feed crop, add product variety, since is placed in the austere task before broad petrifaction enterprise, also be very good development good luck.


Rotational moulding shapes to suit to produce small lot, much breed, much color very much large and hollow plastic products, if sporting goods, highway protects column, the glow sphere that is used at design of common horticultural method, boat and port city of going from place to place, vacuum is clean implement and other all sorts of valuable consumable. It belongs to the treatment technology with additional higher cost, in current and plastic products a few diversification develop a trend to fall, its develop prospect more value.
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