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Rotational moulding shapes technology and development
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Basically polyvinyl chloride papers rotational moulding all sorts of making, reach its like a light boat of ball of water polo, float, small swim pool, recreation seat cushion of cistern, bicycle, rotational moulding piles up a battlements dish, surfboard is waited a moment. The toy is like model of sandbox of pony, doll, toy, model, handicraft to wait.

Of all kinds and large or blame mark kind rotational moulding is made

Rack, machine crust, shield, chimney, agricultural device of sail of top of car of atomizer, furniture, canoe, bivouac, playground, planter, bathroom, toilet, telephone box, advertisement reveals buoy of sea of awl of hard shoulder of card, chair, highway, traffic, river, prevent bump into bucket and building.

Look from the administrative levels of the product, rotational moulding goods already from common civilian things grows to crucial industrial product, its function also transforms to structural function from single container function. As the development of rotational moulding equipment and mould, complex degree has developed the structure of rotational moulding goods to exceed imaginary degree, can say to fix the model, product that boasts the craft such as model, crowded model to cannot be finished even, can be finished completely through rotational moulding, dimension can accomplish the geometry of goods already completely to arrive from 0.5L 50M3. If did not get the limitation of traffic condition, can accomplish even bigger. Look from the classification of the product, can divide roughly for cylindrical cistern (0.25M3~50M3) , bucket of n of round stage form (20L~3000L) , quadrate n bucket (30L~2000L) , as functional need, still can shape the of all kinds container that is the type that close a mouth, in order to get used to the need of disparate industry. The defect of rotational moulding product is: The product is only a cost efficiency of tall, production is low, if do not have special device to form big batch very hard to produce, and as a result of weight light, bulk big, carriage cost is higher.

The cover before dentistry

Industry of our country rotational moulding puts the issue that be in

Compare with posture of industry of foreign rotational moulding, although industry of our country rotational moulding develops momentum fierce, but overall dimensions level of small, technology is inferior, should do must break through greatly 3 big " bottleneck " .


Rotational moulding shapes is the centrifugal force that support mould high speed rotates, make raw material distributings equably in mould wall, shape to often be pressed, goods remains stress is consequently low, won't produce the limitation such as warp, and the mould also can simplify greatly, reduce production cost significantly thereby, make production medium-sized, large or super- large whole sealing and close not to have the method that seams container to have competition ability most hollowly partly.
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