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Rotational moulding shapes technology and development
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The characteristic of rotational moulding craft basically has:

Cost of mould of · rotational moulding is low, the product of coequal norms size, the cost of rotational moulding mould is to blow the 1/3 of cost of the model, mould that note model to 1/4 about, comfortable synthesis large and plastic products;
Strength of edge of product of · rotational moulding is good, the ply that rotational moulding can realize product edge exceeds 5 millimeter, solve the problem with hollow product slighter edge thoroughly;
·Rotational moulding can find a place for all sorts of enchasing;
·The appearance of rotational moulding product is OK special and complex, and ply can exceed 5 millimeter above;
·Rotational moulding can produce whole sealing product;
·Rotational moulding product is OK fill is epispastic material, realize heat preservation;
·Need not adjust a pattern, the wall of rotational moulding product is large can adjust freely (2mm above) .

Rotational moulding shapes to also have its drawback: Because material must pass abrade pink to break, cost rises; Treatment is periodic and longer, consequently unwell produce at large quantities of quantities; Practicable is plastic breed is less; Add up to a mould to belong to more onerous physical labor.


Current, applicable of rotational moulding goods at safety of vehicle, transportation the industry such as printing and dyeing of food of dredge of channel of river of industry of establishment, entertainment, river, bldg. , water treatment, medicine, electron, chemical industry, aquiculture, spin.

Container kind rotational moulding is made

This kind plastic make use extensively at store and offerring material or blank bin, lay aside cistern, all sorts of industrial chemical stores and carry container, be like storage tank of acerbity, alkaline, salt, fertilizer, pesticide, outfit of besmear of chemical enterprise, industry, rare earth makes cistern of box of the washing trough in taking, retort, have enough to meet need, dustbin, cesspool, life wait a moment.

Vehicle is made with rotational moulding

Basically be applied polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride burnt colophony, all sorts of cars use rotational moulding, be like housing of air conditioning bent housing, vortical canal, back of a chair, armrest, gasoline tank, dashboard, doorcase and gearlever lid, accumulator, the amortize between gasoline tank of the fuel box of snowmobile and motor, plane, houseboat and its cistern, boat and boat and dock absorbs shock implement etc.

Rotational moulding of category of sports equipment, toy, craft is made
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