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Consider the CAD technology of small and medium sized business and development
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3.3 talent management and groom
Medium and small businesses should organize a talent to groom regularly, the application that includes CAD software and development, the leader takes seriously, person specially assigned for a task is responsible, consolidate management, such executive CAD just interview effect.

3.4 use network dominant position
Computer network has two large dominant positions, implementation resource is shared and enhance the communication ability between employee namely. Resource is shared is to show all users on the network can share all sorts of peripheral equipment on the network, wait like hard disk of printer, graph plotter, high capacity, also can share all sorts of system software on the server and application software. The member of group of OKer and convenient same task exchanges the network each other all sorts of information data, call graph and data each other.
The main network that is used at net of personal computer couplet at present manages a system to have Nove Ⅱ and WindowsNT, and most CAD software has the version that can use for the network, wait like AutoCADR12.
The personal computer that the hardware equipment of the network uses besides the individual continues to use as network workstation outside, still need to add the following equipment: Communication media (cable) , net card, server. Buy a server speed of best choose and buy server of generous of fast, memory, be like CPU166 above, memory at least 16M, above of hard disk 1GB.
Computer couplet net is trend of a development, pass a network to be able to run CAD system and message systematic join to rise. For example the data that information management system can read design of the engineering in taking CAD system, list through interface program (the name that is like each spare parts, norms, data, material) , and purchase door of Ministry of Supply to be able to in time learn why is need of manufacturing production branch planted the raw material of breed, how many amount.

4 economic benefits

1) shortens the design of the product is periodic;
2) improves the design quality of the product;
3) reduces cost;
4) enhances market competition ability.

5 epilogue

The place on put together is narrated, develop CAD technology energetically, undertake the technology is innovated, it is the hasten of general trends place that market economy grows, it is the only way that medium and small businesses revitalizes. As the further development of our country reforming and opening, be sure to quicken card to wait to can choose digitlization appearance, scanner and figure, show in order to rise and give graph rate. The enterprise brings good economic benefits.

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