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Consider the CAD technology of small and medium sized business and development
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2.3 outside technologies support
State committee of science and technology serves as the promotion of CAD technology and application " 95 " a key of the plan, visitting town various built CAD application to develop a center, establish CAD demonstrative company, it is bibcock with this, drive all trades and professions to form the climax of CAD application and development. Come a few years the technical army that CAD system uses domestic control personal computer to be designed with development already took shape, enterprise can very obtain conveniently external technical support, the development design that is like application software of Training Within Industry, CAD and version upgrade etc.

3 executive plan

Medium and small businesses uses CAD technology, must set out from oneself condition, quality of personnel of the characteristic that combines line of business of one's own profession, technology and existing equipment, in a planned way has measure ground to undertake, lest create needless waste.

3.1 hardware are configured
Hardware basically includes computer lead plane, monitor, clavier, mouse to wait. All sorts of micro computers that use generally at present, be like 586CPU133 above, memory 8M above, hard disk 1G, 14 inches of colour are shown. If the condition allows, use 17 inches or it is better that colour of 20 inches of big screens is shown. Should deploy a printer and a graph plotter at the same time (appearance) regard output as equipment. The effect of latticedot matrix printer is poor, and can output A3 to pursue only greatly most, use a sketch commonly consequently, and the graph plotter that conditional unit wants to choose above of an A1 width of cloth at least regards output as equipment. Still can choose digitlization appearance, scanner and figure in the light of different company fast card, show in order to rise and give graph rate.

3.2 software choose
Answer this unit above all at present the sort of the product, structure, characteristic and the CAD of production equipment and design personnel apply degree to wait have a summary, on this foundation, the target that raises technology of this unit application CAD to want to achieve and the problem that should solve, next system of software of the CAD on survey market, hold CAD technology to develop the current situation and prospective tendency, final choice suits the software system of this unit. Conditional can one pace reachs the designated position, immature can divide a pace to carry out, from proceed with of 2 dimension plot, begin three-dimensional design analysis to reach stage by stage make wait for the job.
The CAD software price that existing home develops 2 times for the most part also tends gradually reasonable. Among them the CAXA electron drawing board that Beijing Hua Zhengmo has an institute to develop, the price has 490 yuan only / set, it is hardware platform with personal computer, complete Chinese interface, contain substantial standard figure library, have dynamic navigation function, can realize the automatic disappear concealed in rigging a process, basically contented medium and small businesses exchanges the requirement of bigger profit with lesser investment.
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