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Consider the CAD technology of small and medium sized business and development
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Summary: Be aimed at the actual condition of domestic company, discussed the necessity that implements CAD technology in small and medium sized business and possibility, put forward to use the particular program of CAD technology in small and medium sized business.
Medium and small businesses of network of hardware of keyword CAD software
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1 small and medium sized business applies the necessity of CAD technology

Current, our country small and medium sized business is faced with deficient of capital shortage, talent, product the difficulty such as stale of onefold, equipment, if do not change the management pattern, development that improves the product quality, technical reformation that has old product and new product, get used to the need of market economy very hard, and technical reformation is the directest the most effective method uses CAD technology namely, with modern design the method improves the products plan of the enterprise, enhance enterprise oneself vigor, make position is occupied in market economy spring tide. From long-term look, the CAD investment on personal computer is low cost, cost-effective advisable alternative; The advantage that goes up with the technology makes up for the inadequacy of other respect, it is the key that medium and small businesses casts off predicament.

2 small and medium sized business use the possibility of CAD technology

2.1 hardware condition
80 time end, the function of personal computer had rise substantially, and its price falls quickly. Now 586 already dominant market, index of its CPU function nears the target of the workstation a few years ago. Foreign CAD software also transplants on the Windows95 to personal computer and WindowsNT. The performance/price ratio of personal computer can satisfy medium and small businesses basically to have the demand such as product development, technical reformation and Training Within Industry now.

2.2 software condition
So far, the software of plot of 2 dimension personal computer on the market can divide roughly it is two kinds: The first kind is the software of personal computer CAD that introduces from abroad completely, wait like Micrstation, Sigraph, the parameter of these software changes plot function very strong, the system is stabler also, but suit GB not quite, in the Chinese character the respect ability such as processing loses, english interface learns to compare difficulty. The 2nd kind also is a application is at present most kind, be based on foreign platform software namely, the software of system of personal computer CAD that develops through 2. Tell here " foreign platform software " , basically point to the AutoCAD that Autodesk company of the United States rolls out, it is the CAD system software with the at present widest application, have Yi Xueyi to use, open structure and optimum behavior price are compared wait for a characteristic. AutoCAD itself is CAD software platform only, offer only namely begin CAD work place must environment and basic function (plot, editor, construction and file format) , use directly begin work efficiency very low. But AutoCAD is had " open structure " advantage, the technology such as the port that offers development place need 2 times, language, tool supports, make development software and AutoCAD 2 times close together union rises, formed a personal computer CAD that suits an user truly to fasten thereby. Place has developed a few academies of domestic to suit the CAD application software of different major, be like the PCCAD of Tsinghua university, china in the CAD opening eye of grain industry college, beijing Hua Zhengmo has the CAXA electron drawing board of the institute, the PICAD of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, can satisfy the need of each industries basically.
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