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Numerical control machine tool is safeguarded choose check government with what
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The spot check of numerical control machine tool regards a job as the system, must be carried out seriously and hold with post, what just can assure a machine tool is normal move.

Look from the requirement that orders check and content, spot check can be divided for full-time spot check, daily spot check is mixed production orders check 3 administrative levels, numerical control machine tool nods check to maintain process sketch map.

1. Full-time orders check

The crucial position that is in charge of pair of machine tools and significant position make nodding check and equipment condition to monitor mainly diagnose the check that decide a dot to plan with breakdown by cycle, had made diagnostic record, the analysis maintains a result, put forward to improve equipment to defend administrative proposal.

2. Order check daily

The general position that is in charge of pair of machine tools undertakes ordering check, processing and examination machine tool are running the breakdown that appears in the process.

3. Production orders check

The numerical control machine tool in be in charge of moving to production undertakes ordering check, be in charge of the job such as lubricant, close solid.

Spot check works to the system must be carried out seriously and perserve as, what just can assure numerical control machine tool so is normal move

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