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Numerical control machine tool is safeguarded choose check government with what
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(3) fixed how long is checked, want to decide examination cycle. Some drops should be checked every classes possibly a few times, some sites are possible or a few months are checked. Want to decide according to particular case.

(4) calm every safeguard a dot to check what project to also want to have specific provision. Every nod a likelihood to check, check a few possibly also.

(5) calm person is undertaken checking by who, it is handlers, maintenance technician or technical personnel, answer to ask according to checking place and technical precision, fulfil a person.

(6) how should the examination also have calm way regulation, it is artificial observation still is measured with the instrument, it is to use common instrument or accurate instrument.

(7) the environment that checks an examination, measure should have a regulation, it is to producing the examination in moving to still stop machine examination, it is disintegrate check or indissoluble body examination.

(8) record examination should make a record in detail, it is clear to fill in by formulary format. Should fill in examination data and the poor value of its and formulary level, decide opinion of impression, processing, scrutator should sign and make clear examination time.

(9) should be handled in time and adjust what can be handled among processing inspection and adjust, write down processing the person to handle a record as a result. Do not have ability or do not have conditioning, the report when wanting to reach concerns personnel, arrange processing. But any anybody, time processing should fill in processing record.

(10) analytic servy record and processing record should undertake systems analysis regularly, find out weakness " uphold a particle " , namely the link with the point with high fault rate or big loss, offer an opinion, hand in design personnel to undertake improvement designing.

The spot check of numerical control machine tool can be divided collect 2 administrative levels to select check and full-time site daily. Daily spot check is in charge of undertaking ordering check to the general component of the machine tool, processing and examination machine tool are running the breakdown that appears in the process, by the machine tool operation personnel is undertaken. The place closing silver that full-time chooses check to be in charge of pair of machine tools and important part wrap around cycle undertakes check and facility status are monitored be noddinged mainly with reason blast diagnose, make the plan that order check, had made diagnostic record. The analysis maintains a result, put forward to improve equipment to defend administrative proposal, undertake by full-time maintenance technician.
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