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Numerical control machine tool is safeguarded choose check government with what
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Because the technology such as opportunity of market of numerical control machine tool, report, fluid, gas is an organic whole, want to have scientific government to its maintenance so, make a corresponding regulations system purposefully. To safeguarding the fault that discovers in the process hidden trouble should keep clear of in time, avoid to stop machine wait for long, lengthen equipment thereby average time to failure, raise the utilization rate of the machine tool. Beginning bit of check is the significant measure that numerical control machine tool defends.

Maintain in order to order check for fundamental equipment. It is Japan the system of a kind of management that order check that the development on the base that controls in the precautionary maintenance that introduces the United States rises. Spot check is pressed namely set about what defend a document, make deciding check and be safeguarded dot, timely to equipment. Its advantage is OK the deterioration of amiable function kills an occurrence friend in budding condition, had prevented to repair or owe long, defect is the fixed workload that order check big. This kind runs level to run a system in order to nod the contemporary maintenance that check is core in equipment, can achieve reduce reason to fall rate and upkeep costs, raise the goal that maintains efficiency.

Our country from 20 centuries the equipment dot calibrating that Japan introduces at the beginning of 80 time is repaired make, equipment handlers, maintenance technician and technical administrator organic ground organization rises. According to examination standard of the regulation and technical requirement, appear possibly to equipment the place of the problem, the calm person, calm dot, mensurable, fixed, ground that decide a way has examination, maintenance and government, made sure equipment lasts, move steadily, stimulative man gives birth to those who produce development and service advantage to rise.

The spot check of numerical control machine tool, it is to begin condition to monitor the base that diagnoses the job with breakdown, basically include following content:

(1) calm dot plays above all decide machine tool of a numerical control has how many to uphold a particle, analyse this equipment scientificly, seek the position that malfunctions possibly definitely. Should safeguard these a little bit only " look " , had breakdown to be able to discover in time.

(2) calm mark wants standard of formulate of one by one to upholding a particle every, for example clearance, temperature, pressure, discharge, degree of tightness is spent etc, want to have specific quantitative level, want not to stipulate the standard does not calculate breakdown more than only.
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