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The macula that note model, impurity forms case study and countermeasure
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3, solve measure:

1 pair shapes of foreign matter, because macula was formed in eyewinker interfuse makings,be, must control production strictly, pack, store up, carry, open newspaper, batch mixing to come the cleanness of each link of makings canister.

Macula of 2 pairs of carbonization, answer to control treatment temperature strictly, in actual production, showing treatment temperature and effective treatment temperature is discriminating. To same equipment character, different back pressure, different and periodic time, those who differ is one-time discharge an amount, different thermocouple is inserted put the position, can cause trend of carbonization of the makings below equal treatment temperature, degradation to differ. Specific say, when stating temperature is identical, back pressure is little, cycle is short, one-time discharge an amount big, thermocouple is inserted when snail canister upside, frit makings falls / decompose a trend to lose, produce carbonization macula not easily.

Prevent carbonization macula to want to take strict precautions against at the same time indigestion makings, want to eliminate the blind angle in snail canister, nozzle, flow path, make its turning has gently transfer, eliminate a likelihood to have makings the area that stop.

3 deposit to auxiliary degradation or already carbonization expects deposit reachs snail canister in whorl face mural macula. Undertake along with production commonly, these macula can be inside snail canister all sorts of puissant cut its are broken away from to adhere to formerly below action the face enters frit makings is medium and by eduction. This kind " eduction " the process that the process is goods occurrence macula, impurity. If turn,expect the production that change color is medium, this kind " eduction " foreign matter process is inevitable, we should endeavor to shorten this kind of process. Namely " clean " . Fall to clean means for two kinds:

(1) wash screw to empty frit skim (the sky after frit glue is shot) .

(2) enter glue of frit ejaculation a stage, to shooting glue for nothing, reentry shoots stage frit glue, right shoot glue for nothing, undertake repeatedly so, carry out a proof: In cleaning, back pressure has very big effect, frit makings and screw are puissant cut. Frit glue rate is slow, frit rubber time is so long also. Such effect is good, clear the eyewinker is rapid. Attention: Back pressure was not being decided from time to tome principle -- as far as possible tall, arrive high till snail canister just won't warm up automatically.

(3) to shaping in macula, the macula in shaping is sure add at first model antrum surface, be expected to wrap nip to secure by frit next at goods surface, so method of purify of this kind of macula is reached have let it won't be in model in antrum. Undesirable to deciding material is qualitative mould, determine reason, firm position first even. All having that what move relatively model antrum, modular core includes slide block, neutron, thimble / piece, possible burn, after affirmatory burn, want repair damaged place, want to reduce the attrition of slip place additionally, add lubricating oil. Additional, should reduce slip position opposite motion speed, if the top is entered / retreat, combine a model, want as far as possible when slide block is mobile slow, rust between slide block and pattern plate and other besmirch, want debus slide block, keep clear of rust and other besmirch clean, plunge into water chew close. Shape glossily to modular antrum to oil or splashing face, cause macula to often should be wiped give point of oily, water easily, put an end to its to be in shape the occurrence on the face. (End)
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