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The macula that note model, impurity forms case study and countermeasure
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Carbonization of 7 raw material, this kind of macula is general volume is larger, big macula exterior diameter can be reached 1 -- 2mm, most " macula " thicker, also have one Ceng Huo two thinner. This kind of circumstance is raw material is accumulated for a long time expect or local get high fever, decompose, cooking, carbonization is agglomerate. In screw or it is the place such as nozzle flow suffers cut broken hind and form.

Reason of raw material carbonization has:

1 fuse-element temperature is too high, expect Wen Taigao can have caused pyrolysis, form carbide, be opposite especially a few heat range of temperature of quick sex material is narrow, must control temperature of ministry of makings canister flavour cannot exorbitant.

2 accumulate makings cooking: If melt is plastic,stop somewhere time is too long, meeting occurrence cooking is accumulated makings, cause macula, the likelihood is caused makings the area that stop, have the joint that shoots head and snail canister, annulus of glue of snail canister wall, frit, shoot the osculatory place of the mouth and runner, heat up flow path turning, the place such as the blind angle that the mainstream.

Gap of 3 makings canister is too big, the gap of snail canister and screw is too big, can make expect stop in makings canister, and the makings that stop is decomposed through long-term overheat, generation macula.

4 auxiliary fall, decompose become angry, auxiliary includes antistatic agent, violet / infrared absorbefacient and general coloring agent, its property is comparing raw material commonly lively, in treatment action of temperature shearing force falls, when raw material was not decomposed, they had been decomposed, turn dark look, cinnamon down to into black, macula, impurity is formed when shaping.

2, the macula that arises because of the reason of the outside in production, impurity is very general, and after appearing very stubborn.

1, mould material is qualitative bad, cent face or shape face or touch the metropolis that wear a face to drop iron pink, cause macula.
2, thimble is coarse burn easily, drop iron pink, cause macula.
3, slide block grinds Tie Mei pink, cause macula.
4, aquatic rust or other besmirch leak inside slide block, rust and besmirch are flown off by slide block activity, fall on goods to be able to form macula.

Macula discerns:

If macula appears in whole goods apparently, and make in have macula, should belong to the macula before shaping; If macula appears in the surface only, should belong to the macula in shaping. If distributing only at the same time in exterior location, belong to the macula in shaping undoubted; If macula is bigger (be in commonly 0.5~1mm) , should belong to macula of raw material carbonization; If at the same time macula sends dark, fragile, Peng,loosen poriferous, can decide for carbonization macula: If macula density is special big, examination raw material does not have apparent impurity, should belong to the appearance that just changed makings hind to expect end Qing Dynasty is clean formerly commonly, should investigate the matter of makings otherwise.
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