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The macula that note model, impurity forms case study and countermeasure
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The blemish of macula, impurity is the mainest factor that produces percent defective in producing a course normally. It basically is to affect goods exterior to be brought about thereby discard as useless. Foreign matter and great majority macula are foreign material, have nothing to do with raw material itself, and little part macula, impurity is by raw material itself is caused.

Feature of macula, impurity is grain lesser, darkly is Brown, do not glance commonly, the impurity when grain is big shows a layer shape, fragile, brittle, broken hind poriferous, its distributing have two big character: 1, some integral sex random are scattered distributing, have a plenty of local random scattered distributing, sometimes criterion only now and then appear in some local district; 2, this kind of macula, impurity appears in goods surface layer only sometimes, sometimes criterion no matter depth of exterior and interior has, be apart from the in-house macula with closer surface layer to come than surface layer macula nevertheless color wants shallow, more deep-seated macula cannot see at all. Interesting is contacted this meeting discovery at 2 o'clock, appear in the macula that some impurity of local district is surface layer necessarily only, and macula distributings no matter of depth of exterior and interior is integral sex random necessarily scattered distributing. Because before shaping, the impurity of in-house existence exists necessarily,this is, and the impurity that when shaping only, just appears distributings only necessarily in the surface. Such, foreign matter is with respect to cent before shaping, mix two kinds big form when shaping:

One, cause of formation of the macula before shaping, impurity:

When 1 raw material is machined, as a result of a variety of reasons, the eyewinker is sordid and make raw material appears macula;
2 go to bead is impure cause macula;
Lubricious mother of interfuse of 3 raw material or take spot smash bits of makings piece, makings;
4 makings are impure, the interfuse in makings of low melting point bead of makings of high melting point;
5 pack, carry, store up foreign matter interfuse may appear in the process, it is apparent the feature is raw material opens bag hind, careful observation, can see in feed grain the surface has eyewinker, foreign matter;
Following graphs are the impurity in process of 6 feed in raw material, eyewinker to attract or go up the diagram of glassware and hopper;

Besides 5, 11 won't cause pollution to hopper makings directly, other part all may be in on raw material of the pollution in material process type, cause goods macula, impurity. Contaminative source includes: Mother of bead of stuff of stuff of bits of stuff of stuff of content of in suspension of shape of the dirt in air, makings, different, different, farinaceous color, coloring agent. Cause macula to put an end to eyewinker impurity, must strengthen management, control comes into the factory from raw material feed in raw material each link (include to answer with the process) . Change when makings, must clear carefully the place that the likelihood expects formerly or bits stays in, close place of clip of special equipment material or blank bin, hopper, funnel, lap. When normal production, want special attention source of feed in raw material -- the cleanness of equipment material or blank bin. After halting production, should expose system of feed in raw material to outside ambient place -- on of makings canal on makings port is sealed, pollute in case, accomplish annulus annulus photograph to buckle, close management.
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