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New opportunity of miniature milling and miniature mould market
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Be not only IPod is becoming smaller. The computer and television also become thinner ceaselessly. The progress of medical treatment equipment makes inside the body that more and more miniature appliance can install us; The camera that is a minimum even can cross within the body.

It is the thing is becoming smaller not only, they were assembled more spare partses, can provide additional power and function. Miniature spare parts is in the industry such as optics of medicine of aviation, car, biology, electron, IT and telecommunication has all sorts of wide application.

All development of these products are raising taller requirement to small-sized component and product. To reduce cost ceaselessly, the most use mould in these small-sized components has production. These trends put forward to die manufacturer mixed new challenge, limits from use the mould coating with special expect of new aerospace times timber, the part of cutting tool milling that uses diametical 0.1mm is obtained inferior the precision of micron class.

In the meantime, the immanent complexity of miniature spare parts also brings new opportunity for die manufacturer. When making the state with low cost of labor be goinged to by move simply with medium and mixed pattern every time, the die manufacturer of the United States and Europe can change the more advanced technology such as mould of such as miniature and miniature milling to the competitive advantage with maintaining them.

The treatment of small-sized component

One of main challenges that machine a mould for small-sized spare parts are the treatment of miniature spare parts. The production of the direct milling that the mould has effect area and small-sized EDM electrode raises extremely tall requirement to milling craft.

The challenge related to miniature milling includes a diameter to fall for 100 micron (μ M) or the use of smaller miniature cutting tool runs the very high rotate speed at achieving 150000rpm. Exterior quality (Ra) need achieves 0.2 micron. And since be mixed to so small part little detail, polishing is not actual, miniature milling requirement is a kind need not the treatment of polishing.

Miniature milling technology

The quality that wins miniature milling demand to be in and precision while, contented socioeconomic restrains a condition, whole production catenary must be optimized and synchronous. CNC machine tool, cutting tool, knife handle, clamping apparatus and the supplier that quality controls device need to offer correct solution with competitive cost.
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