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The development state of affairs of numerical control technology
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One, the development history of numerical control equipment

The first algebra controls a system: Came 1952 1959, use valve cell.
The 2nd algebra controls a system: Began 1959, use transistor cell.
The 3rd algebra controls a system: Began 1965, use integrated circuit.
The 4th algebra controls a system: Began 1970, use circuit of large scale integration and small-sized general purpose computer.
The fiveth algebra controls a system: Began 1974, use microprocessor and microcomputer. 5 axes of Jr-1 use a robot repeatedly

Numerical control machining center (machine tool of Mach numerical control) match stock to lade the cutting tool library of many cutting tool, have change automatically the function of cutting tool, in holding clip, can finish auger, the working procedure such as boring, mill, bore with a reamer, special apply to casing kind treatment of foreword of the much face of the spare parts, multitask. While it can finish turning to machine, hold the function such as mill, boring, bore, tap concurrently.

The occurrence of machining center machine tool, technology of together with CAD, IT, network controls the development of technology and systematic engineering, to computer pilot for automation of stand-alone numerical control much chance makes systematic automation direction develop, created essential condition. System of computer group control namely direct numerical control (DirectNC-DNC) system, be this one development direction is specific reflect. DNC system uses a larger computer, control machining center of machine tool of numerical control of as much as management stage and numerical control, can have the treatment of foreword of much breed, multitask.

Flexible production system (FlexibleManufacturingSystem-FMS) is contained trade knife unit automatically (the numerical control machining center of AutomaticToolChanger-ATC) , it is flexible production hardware base, it is the basic level of production system. What appear ever since is flexible production unit (FlexibleManufacturingCell-FMC) , be than tall of one class flexible production system, it is general by machining center machine tool and change automatically workpiece (of AutomatedWork-piece Changer-AWC) along with travel tray (Pallet) or industrial robot and detect automatically equip with monitoring technology a composition. By much stage and memory, and necessary workpiece is cleaned and dimension inspects facility, and by tall the computer of one class undertakes control and administrative to whole system. Can realize all machining of much breed.

Small-sized CIMS

CIMS (ComputerIntegratedManufacturingSystem-CIMS) :  guides  of Zhan of garden washing with watercolors is phlegmy mire far  ? the automation that from production decision-making, products plan, market forecasts the whole production activity till the sale, especially technology and the requirement that run the automation that section office works become a whole production integratedly to make a system, namely so called CIMS, it has the manufacturing activity of a production factory organic compositive, in order to come true more cost-effective, taller flexible intelligence turns production. This is the stratosphere that current automation production technology develops.
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