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Physics of influence treatment surface is mechanical the element of function
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 In machining process, because workpiece gets the action of cutting force, heat in metal cutting, its surface and base material function have very big different, in physics mechanical performance side produces bigger change.
One, those who machine exterior layer is cold make sclerosis

In cutting or grinding treatment process, if machine the plasticity that expresses layer generation to be out of shape,make the generation between crystal cuts slippage, crystal lattice is serious and screwy, produce grain spin, broken change with fiber, cause the appearance that the intensity of exterior layer and hardness improve, call cold make sclerotic appearance.

The sclerotic degree of exterior layer depends on generation plasticity metabolic force, be out of shape speed reachs the temperature when be out of shape. Power is greater, plasticity is out of shape bigger, the sclerotic rate of generation is older also. Be out of shape speed is jumped over big, plasticity is out of shape more inadequate, the sclerotic degree of generation also is reduced accordingly. The temperature when be out of shape affects plasticity deformation, high sclerotic rate reduces temperature.

(One) influence surface layer is cold the ingredient that makes sclerosis

1. Cutting tool

Of face of the knife after the point round part of cutting tool is mixed wear away of pair of surface layers cold make sclerosis have very big effect, the wear extent of face of the knife after point round part is mixed is bigger, cold the hardness that makes sclerotic layer and deepness are bigger also.

2. Cutting dosage

In cutting dosage, the impact is bigger is cutting speed V C and feed F. When V C increases, express the sclerotic degree of facing and deepness to be reduced somewhat. As a result of,this is on one hand cutting speed adds congress to make temperature heighten, conduce to cold the return that makes sclerosis; On the other hand the accretion as a result of cutting speed, cutting tool and workpiece contact time are short, make the plasticity deformation of workpiece is reduced. When feed F increases, criterion cutting force increases, plasticity deformation also increases, what express facing accordingly is cold make sclerotic appearance serious also. But when F is lesser, as a result of the point circle of cutting tool horn is machining apparently extruding number increase, what express facing accordingly is cold make sclerotic phenomenon also can increase.

3. By treatment material

Be jumped over by the hardness of treatment material low jump over with plasticity big, criterion what after cutting is machined, its express facing is cold make sclerotic appearance more serious.
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