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Abandon principle of machine of old plastic second birth
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Before most polymer is making end item, must cooperate to mix refine, build bead next, make marketable raw material. Those who have a lot of differring is useless old plastic build bead implement design, but all machine that build bead can divide it is two kinds big: The cold system that cut bead and modular face are eager bead system. The main distinction of both depends on cutting the arrangement of bead process time. The cold system that cut bead, the at last that machining a process from already the polymer of solidify cuts bead; And in modular face in eager bead system, undertake cutting bead namely from buccal model appears when melt condition polymer, and be opposite downstream bead makings undertakes cooling. Two kinds of systems that cut bead have its actor drawback each.

The cold system that cut bead

The cold system that cut bead includes buccal model, cooling zone (wind cold or water-cooling) , dry section (if use water-cooling) with the room that cut bead. The cold system that cut bead has two kinds big, namely piece expect the machine that build bead is mixed a makings the machine that build bead.

Piece expect the polymer of melt of the machine that build bead flows to press the polymer that is delayed into certain ply via model of mouth of a belt or roller refine machine from the equipment that mix refine piece makings. Piece expect to in carrying a process, be apart from through a paragraph caky cooling, use the knife that cut bead to cut circle or quadrate bead material in room of a storehouse next.

Piece expect building bead is the method with production bead the oldest stuff, can use Yu Congni dragon to polyvinyl chloride all sorts of different polymer.

Weight is great. Good according to reporting accuracy comparatives, the ability that build bead can amount to 1843.69kg/h. This is a kind of cold method that cut bead, noise sends out taller than cutting the method of bead to be from melt polymer. Life of cutting tool of polymer of caky condition cut is briefer, generate powder to often become an issue. Certain to some of polymer can see " bead catenary " phenomenon.

Makings the use history of the machine that build bead almost with piece bead creates an opportunity likewise long. Include buccal model, refrigeration paragraph (water bath or air-blower) , dry paragraph (if use water-cooling) with the knife that cut bead. The buccal model that the polymer that squeezes a melt with extruder or gear pump installs through a level and form a makings (modern buccal model passes accurate machining, heat equably, a makings that with yielding quality stabilizes) . Expect from mouth eduction hind, undertake cooling with air-blower or establishment of air / vacuum namely, or the bath that use water is cooling. If use water-cooling, makings need to pass dry paragraph, with compulsive and ventilated blow the cent that remove water, next will makings send to the room that cut bead. Use a pair of fixed Dao Hexuan to turn of the knife cut action, a makings is accurate the ground cuts place to need length.
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