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Note the maintenance brief introduction of model mould
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The mould is industry produces metaphase to use a kind of very extensive tooling, of the development of modern industry and technical level rise to cannot leave a pattern. According to statistic, 75% of rough machining of industrial spare parts, of finish machining 50% shape by the mould will finish. By its sort can divide for: The cold strong pattern, mould that note model, die-casting mould, balata mould.

One, brief introduction of the mould that note model

1.1, practical scope:

The mould that note model is practical at thermoplastic plastic wait like ABS, PP, PC, POM, and hot solid sex is plastic if phenolic aldehyde is plastic, annulus oxygen is plastic wait to introduce balata model;

1.2, classification of the mould that note model:

Press a structure: 2 board models, 3 board models

Press water mouth: The flood mouth, mouth that choose water, hot water mouth

1.3, structure of the mould that note model

A, shape component: Namely what we say normally before, hind modular CORE, also be the as most close together as product connection place;

B, gating system: Melt is plastic bring to from nozzle model the flow path of antrum, can divide for: Well of mainstream path, runner, runner, cold makings;

C, oriented system: Before deciding, hind the relative position when the model combines a model, have guide pillar, guide-post bushing commonly, on essential condition, the top gives a part to also want fixed position of guide pillar, guide-post bushing;

Structure of D, drawing of patterns: Namely glue the unit that gives from the top in the mould, have commonly usedly: Canister of thimble, roof, department;

System of E, thermoregulation: Be opposite to satisfy craft of the figuration that note model the requirement of mould temperature, the cooling water that adds in around model place;

Cent of F, side direction reach side direction to smoke core: When glue existence is buckled have to use when as abhorrent as direction of drawing of patterns structure namely row, common form: Slide block, inclined top, smoke core to wait;

Structure of G, exhaust: Common exhaust form has two kinds: Clearance of component of air discharge duct, figuration. Eliminate to be in the process that note model model the air in antrum and shape the gas of the generation in the process, often install air discharge duct in cent face. The principle that sets air discharge duct is, affecting excessive makings to reach wrap around sharp edge when, should as far as possible big air discharge duct. And setting needle, thimble, mold insert is to use shape component clearance exhaust.
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