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New-style the machine that note model is contented small shape demand of tall ac
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Produce extremely tiny part to wait like miniature gear, bolt, need is used lesser the tall nicety of force combining a modelRecord model machine. The 220 KN of force combining a model that BOY company exhibits, pull rod is apart from the BOY22 A of 254mm, extremely OK economic ground nicety produces minimum of the quantity that note model (the bulk that note model most greatly 64 Cm3) goods.

BOY 22 A notes model screw of stock 14 Mm matchs on machine, can use 4 pitchMouldProduce weight of a kind of spare parts to release cam for the high accuracy of 0.023 G. Inside machine exit configuration has note incomplete makings to take a chance, use at keeping clear of to note incomplete to expect. Because note incomplete makings to take a machine to secure,be inside exit, do not need extra safe space so. This machine that note model is full hydraulic press, the design is used at successive industrialized production, its characteristic is to cover an area of area minimum, be not worth 1.9 M2.
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