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Hollow the bottle that blow model is suckled extensively health care of beverage, cold drinks and snacks, medicine is tasted, the industry such as cosmetic is used, but long-term since home can produce handiwork simply to combine a model only implement, most medium and small businesses blows bottle to be in original production condition, manual clip makings, combine a model, blow bottle, model, take bottle, need. The article originates China is the biggest the machine that blow bottle trades net of the website China bottle that pack. Want a large number of specialized worker, charge tall, crop small, percent of pass is low. And the entrance is noted blow model the machine that blow bottle, because mould cost is high, use at mass production commonly and the product that the product changes lesser, cannot get used to the demand that at present home changes with bottle norms.

Rotate automatically type is plastic blow bottle machine to wait for dynamoelectric, pneumatic, mechanical drive organic combination, have property advanced, forthright practical, operation simple, price is low wait for a characteristic, in raw material managing, gram weighs the respect such as deviation to have outstanding change, macroeconomic benefit broke up one time than blowing bottle by hand in the past. The 1 / that this unit value is entrance equipment only 20, and the need that gets used to bottle change, be helpful for popularizing promotion, make home packs the production that blow bottle to stride mechanization as soon as possible.

Origin: China packs bottle net

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