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Plastic pattern has common sense- - note model
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Thermoplastic plastic note model to shape this kind of method is melt of will plastic material namely, next antrum of its infuse film. Of melt plastic once enter a mould in, it is certain that it suffers type of the cold speech that depend on a model to shape appearance. The appearance of earning often is final finished product, need other treatment no longer before install or be used as final finished product. A lot of detail, such as is raised ministry, costal region, whorl, can injecting moulding shapes in one pace operation come out.

Machine of injection mould model has two main parts: With Yu Rong be in harmony is mixed plastic the inject unit that sends a mould and device combining a model. Depend on with the action of modular plant: 1. Make the mould is in bear close below inject pressure circumstance; 2. Take out product inject device to be before plastic infuse mould its melt, control pressure and rate next fuse-element infuse mould. The inject device that uses at present has two kinds of designs: Screw type beforehand model is changed implement or dual class unit, and reciprocating type screw. Screw type beforehand model is changed implement use beforehand model turns screw (the first class) again melt plastic infuse notes makings lever (the 2nd class) .

Screw beforehand model is changed implement the advantage is melt content quality constant, high pressure and high speed, and accurate shot is controlled (use piston stroke the machinery of two end stops choose unit) . These good qualities are transparent, of thin wall goods and need of place of high birth rate. Its defect includes inhomogenous retention period (cause material degradation) , higher facility cost and upkeep costs.

Device of the most commonly used inject of reciprocating type screw does not need force plunger be about to plastic melt injects.

2, crowded piece blow model

Crowded piece blowing model is one kind is made hollow thermoplastic make method. The target blowing model that wide humanness makes has bottle, bucket, canister, box and the container of all food that pack, beverage, cosmetic, medicines and chemical reagents and commodity. The bag mount that the old vessel that blow model uses at chemical product, lubricant and bulk material normally. The other product that blow model still have ball, moire canal and toy. To automobile manufacturing industry, bracket of back of a chair of shock absorber of fuel box, car, seat, center and armrest and headrest overburden all blow model. To machinery and furniture manufacturing industry, the spare parts that blow model has frame of crust, door, make frame, terrine or to the case case that has an open side.

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