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KraussMaffei heat handles extruder into makings balata

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Because fuel value increases ceaselessly, in the management cost of freight lorry fuel held a lion's share. However current tire technology level can be used up with what reduce fuel. Use optimize balata compound and advanced tire configuration combination, tire manufacturer tries to reduce scroll resistance ceaselessly, prolong their product service life.

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Heat handles extruder to suit to machine the compound thing that has part of taller natural balata into makings balata

KraussMaffei Berstorff company devotes oneself to to improve its ceaselessly compound jam a product line, the treatment industry that develops new-style compound or the geometrical dimension precision that improve product will satisfy increasingly strict requirement. Heat enters makings extruder compositive to compound jam a product line, the balata that suits treatment to have part of taller natural balata particularly is compound content, productivity is tall, treatment stability is excellent, lesser output is fluctuant. Should optimize drive feed roller to part into makings ministry dispenses, in order to ensure of warm-up balata condiment successful and inspiratory. Unified balata entered the screw geometry appearance that expects union is specific to assure ceaselessly high rate is entered makings, ensure thereby yield highestly to lead and be not had pulsatile run.

Product of this Kraussmaffei Berstorff is combined, include the extruder of 8 different type, screw diameter uprights at 60 to 350mm, can finish different treatment job, rate of the biggest output can amount to 120 ― 7000kg/h.

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