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Rotational moulding shapes technology and development

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Rotational moulding shapes craft go up oneself century since 30 time are published, through 60 old development, its equipment and craft are perfect with each passing day. Arrive from cabinet children toy common car is plastic till huge project is plastic goods, exceed especially large reach the different that be not mark hollow and plastic products, because other is plastic,machine the limitation of craft itself character, still can rely on rotational moulding to shape only now craft ability is finished. Current, rotational moulding shapes craft already became the main branch in plastic processing technology.

Rotational moulding shapes to weigh model coming back again, rotate shape, rotate moulding, rotate casting model, circumgyrate shapes etc. Rotational moulding shapes craft is in joining plastic raw material the mould first, the mould rotates ceaselessly along two vertical axes and make next heat, make the plastic raw material inside the model is below the action of gravity and heat energy, besmear equably gradually conglutinate of cloth, melt at modular antrum whole apparently, the appearance that shapes to need for place, finalize the design via refrigeration again, drawing of patterns, acquire product finally.

Fan crust

Electric car case

Plastic the treatment that reachs its composite material shapes craft has a lot of kinds, squeeze commonly besides us piece, inject, blow model to shape outside waiting for craft, rotational moulding also is the method of a kind of treatment of plastic products. Current, development of industry of foreign rotational moulding is very rapid, and home because all sorts of elements, if slower treatment cycle reachs the restriction that uses data, rotational moulding industry grows rate under industry of other and plastic processing.

On the tradition, rotational moulding basically applies at thermoplastic on material, in recent years, but the rotational moulding of the material of hot solid sex such as cross-linking polyethylene shapes to also develop very fast. Because rotational moulding does not need taller injection pressure, taller cut rate or accurate polymer gauge, accordingly, mould and machine are cheaper, and service life is longer also.

Manufacturing process

The primary treatment procedure that rotational moulding shapes is very simple, put pulverous shape or fluid shape polymer in the mould namely, heat to rotate around two vertical axes at the same time (rotation and revolution) , cool next. Heating of level original, if use, is pulverous account data, criterion preexistence mould surface forms poriferous layer, follow circular course next gradually melt, form the homogeneous phase layer of even ply finally; If use, is liquid material, flow first and besmear Fu is in mould surface, when should achieving gel to nod criterion dead stop flows. The mould turns into cooling work area subsequently, through enforcing ventilated or gush water is cooling, be put next park work area, here, the mould is opened, finish make be taken away, then reentry issues a loop one round all right.

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