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Frequency energy injection molding machine
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Why make inverter technology energy-saving injection molding machine? 1. "Big horse car" phenomenon Is an injection molding machine hydraulic system pressure and flow fluctuations are larger load, in the mold, clamping, injection plastic, pressure cooling, ejection, mold different working stages, the pressure and flow changes must be regular occurrence typical pressure and flow curve as shown below: It can be seen from the figure, in a working cycle, injection molding machine and the actual flow is the actual pressure changes, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes almost zero. In the actual flow is small, the oil pump is much greater than the actual consumption of the load, supply exceeds demand, the surplus in the hydraulic oil under high pressure relief valve overflow after all. Hydraulic oil under high pressure after the release of a lot of heat by the overflow, this part of the energy dissipation is actually absorbed pump power from the grid in the motor part. As a long time to maintain a small flow, the dissipation of energy also larger. Therefore, the injection molding machine hydraulic system there is a serious waste of energy, namely the "big horse-drawn cart," the waste is serious. 2. Frequency Conversion We can see from the fluid, P (power) = Q (flow) × H (pressure), flow Q n with a speed proportional to the pressure H and the rotational speed is proportional to the square of n, the power P and the speed is proportional to the cube of n . The above formula indicates that, if the pump efficiency must, when required adjust the flow Q decreases, the speed is proportional to n can be dropped, this time the output power P pump is the establishment of drop-West relations. For example: a pump motor power 55KW, the original speed when the speed dropped to 4 / 5, the power consumption of 28.16KW, power 48.8%; when the speed dropped to the original speed of 1 / 2, the power consumption of only To 6.875KW, saving 87.5%. ① pipeline condition unchanged, the required power and flow (speed) of the ideal relationship ② in the regulation of the outlet valve (damper), the required power and discharge ③ in the regulation of the inlet valve (damper), the required power and discharge ④ pipeline conditions unchanged, the power required to adjust the slip speed and flow relationships ⑤ pipeline status unchanged, frequency control, power and discharge requirements Closed fluid system above the ideal of non-energy savings, for the closed fluid system can not be so ideal energy-saving effect, but the physical quantities have a similar relationship. 3. Control the injection molding machine using energy-saving inverter technology also receive the following benefits: To achieve greater efficiency, the purpose of indirect energy Lower oil temperature, improve the life of hydraulic components Product quality (weight) to improve consistency Increase the injection molding machine, the power grid without expansion Injection molding machine the core issue of energy saving 1. Saving the rate of 2. The efficiency problem Reactive power line losses and equipment will not only increase the heat, but primarily because of lower power factor result in lower active power. Pump injection molding machine COSΦ general quantitative values between 0.6-0.8, while the use of frequency speed counters, due to the role of the inverter filter capacitor, making COSΦ increased, thereby reducing the reactive loss, increased the power of the active power. As the drive to control the motor frequency is greater than the response time of the valve action time, so: When the set does not change the parameters of the original injection molding machine - machining efficiency is 95% - 98% Allowed to change parameters when the original injection molding machine - the processing efficiency of 99% - 101% 3. Noise Adopt the international advanced level dead zone compensation technique, a significant reduction in high-order harmonic current, and the closer to sine wave current waveform to reduce motor noise. 4. Interference problems Pulse width modulation (PWM) technology uses soft switch technology, greatly reducing the outside interference. 5. Motor life problems As the motor is started directly or Y / D start, starting current is equal to (3-7) times the rated current, which will supply power and electrical equipment and cause serious impact, but also on the power grid capacity is too high, at startup high current and shock extremely detrimental to the life of the equipment. The use of frequency energy counters, the use of the frequency converter will start the current soft-start from scratch, no more than the maximum rated current, reducing the impact on power supply capacity requirements and to extend the equipment and mold life.

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