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Injection molding machine test mode and precautions
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Before the new mold or injection molding machine mold to replace the other, is essential part of the tryout. Tryout results will directly affect the results of the follow-up factory production is smooth. Therefore, in test mode during reasonable steps must be followed and recorded during the test mode useful technical parameters, in order to facilitate mass production of products. Precautions before tryout 1. To understand the relevant information on mold: Mold design can achieve the best surface in detail to the analysis, and some may die tryout to participate in the work of technicians. 2. First check the table with its mechanical action: Pay attention to whether the scratches, missing pieces and loose and so, whether there is mold to skateboard action, waterways and trachea joints for leaks, mold opening process, then if restrictions should be marked in the mold. If these actions do the hanging before the model that would be found to avoid problems linked to mold, mold removal occurred again hours wasted. 3. When determining appropriate action, after the mold ministries, we must select the appropriate test mold injection machine, the choice should pay attention to: (A) the maximum injection molding machine is the number (B) whether the release lever away from the next within the mold (C) activities of the template is the largest mobile trip to meet the requirements (D) other related tools and accessories tryout prepared to complete After everything is confirmed that no problem hanging the next step is to die, hanging in the lock all folders should pay attention to a model before the template and not hanging off fishing, so as not to loose or break the template folder that die fall. After loading the mold should be carefully checked properly mold the part of the mechanical action, such as skateboards, thimble, back tooth structure and limit switches, etc. The action is true. And pay attention to the mouth and feed material injection port is aligned. The next step is to pay attention to clamping action, this time the pressure should be lowered off mode, in manual and low clamping action and listen to pay attention to see whether there are any differences from time to smooth movement and sound and so on. Lifting the mold process is actually relatively simple, carefully place the mold gate and the main school center nozzle is difficult, you can usually adjust by way of strip centers. 4. Improve the mold temperature: Products based on the performance of materials used and the selection of the appropriate size of the mold injection mold the mold when the temperature increased to produce the required temperature. Such as mold temperature should increase again after the view of the part of the action, because after the steel due to thermal expansion card mode may cause the phenomenon, it should be noted that the sliding ministries in order to avoid the generation of strain and vibration. 5. If the pilot scheme is not implemented within the factory rules, we propose to adjust the conditions of test mode a condition can only be adjusted in order to distinguish between changes in the single condition of the impact on the finished product. 6. According to different raw materials, to be used in the original related to them moderate baking. 7. Tryout production as much as possible and in the future using the same raw materials. 8. Do not totally inferior race, test run mode, if the color needs to be arranged test color. 9. The impact of stress and other problems are often secondary processing, should be finished after the test mode to be stable after secondary processing in the slow closed mold, the mold should be fine off the pressure, and moves a few times to see whether the co- Die pressure disparities in order to avoid distortion products generated flash and die. After the above steps and then check off mode to reduce speed and clamping pressure, and the security buckle ejection rod and set a good trip, and then transferred off the normal speed mode and off mode. If the maximum stroke limit switches involved, should be adjusted to shorter opening stroke, and stroke in this mold before the mold cut off high-speed action. This is due to put on during the entire opening stroke among the low-speed high-speed movements who travel longer than it is. Mechanical machine in the plastic top of the bar must also be adjusted after the full effect of mold movement, so thimble board or peel force and deformation of plates. Before the injection for the first mode Please check the following: (A) whether the feeding schedule is too long or less. (B) the pressure is too high or too low. (C) whether the speed of filling too fast or too slow. (D) the processing cycle is too long or too short. To prevent short shot finished, fracture, deformation, or even hurt the mold flash. If the processing cycle is too short, wear a thimble to the top ring Jishang finished products or stripping. Such conditions may cause you to spend two to three hours to remove the finished product. If the processing cycle is too long, the mold core of the thin parts of the compound may tighten and cut off. Of course, you can expect during the test mode all the problems that may occur, but do take account of prior timely measures will help you avoid serious and costly damage. The main steps in test mode Mass production in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and trouble, indeed, necessary to pay the patient to adjust and control various processing conditions, and find the best conditions of temperature and pressure, and the development of standard test mode program, and of available in establish a daily working methods. 1. View the barrel of the plastic material is correct, and whether there are baked in accordance with regulations, (if the test mode and production is likely to use different materials give different results). 2. Feeding tube to ensure a thorough cleaning to prevent bad solution or mixed plastic materials injected into the mold material, as plastic materials and miscellaneous materials inferior solutions may die stuck. Check the barrel temperature and mold temperature is suitable for processing of raw materials. 3. Adjust the pressure and the injection volume in order to produce a satisfactory appearance of the finished product, but can not run flash Especially, there are some products not yet fully solidified cavity, in the adjustment of various controlled conditions should think about before, because the filling rate of a little change can cause very large changes in filling. 4. To be patient until the conditions of machines and molds to stabilize, that is, medium-sized machine may have to wait more than 30 minutes. Can use this time to see the finished product problems that may occur. 5. Screw forward time can not be shorter than the plastic gate solidification time, otherwise the product will reduce the loss of weight and finished the performance. When the mold is heated and when the screw to advance longer time period depends on compaction should also finished. 6. Reasonable adjustments to reduce the total processing cycle. 7. The new conditions of recall at least 30 minutes as well as stable operation, and continuous production of at least a dozen full-appearance products, in its bowl marked date, quantity, were placed according to the cavity in order to test the stability of the exact operation Export reasonable control and tolerances. (Particularly valuable for multi-cavity molds.) 8. Will continuously measure and record the important sample size (such as samples should be cooled to room temperature and then volume). 9. The amount of each product may look like the size to make a comparison, should be noted: (A) Product size is stable. (B) whether certain size increased or decreased while the show is still the machine processing conditions change, such as poor temperature control or hydraulic control. (C) whether the change in size of the tolerance range. 10. If you do not quite finished size of changes in processing conditions are normal, you need to see if each cavity of the finished product its quality can be accepted, and its size can be within the allowed tolerances. To Measure the continuous or greater or less than the average cavity number down to check the mold of the proper size. Records obtained during test mode parameters Record and analyze data in order to modify as the needs of molds and production conditions, and the time of mass production for future reference. 1. The longer run time processing to stabilize the melt temperature and hydraulic oil temperature. 2. By all the finished size is too large or too small to adjust the machine conditions, if the shrinkage is too large and finished shooting seems inadequate material, reference may also be funded to increase the gate size. 3. All the cavity size is too large or too small to be amended, if the size of the cavity and the door is still correct, then the candidate to change the machine conditions, such as filling rate, mold temperature and pressure, ministries, and view some of the modules Point is filling slowly. 4. In accordance with the conditions and finished product cavity mold core shift or be individually modified, perhaps try adjusting the mold temperature, filling rate and to improve the uniformity of 5. Check and modify the injection machine malfunction, such as pumps, oil valves, temperature controllers, and so would give rise to adverse changes in processing conditions, even if more perfect mold can not play in the maintenance of good working poor efficiency of the machine. In reviewing the records of all values, the retention of a sample as compared to proofread the sample after the amendment is to improve. Save all samples in the test mode during the inspection of records, including processing cycle pressures, melt and mold temperature, barrel temperature, injection movement time, screw feeding period, etc, in short, should help to keep all future to be able to successfully create the same conditions of data processing in order to get in line with quality standards. Factory test mode now often ignored mold temperature, and in the short-term production test mode and in the future when the mold temperature is the most difficult to master, without the correct samples of the mold temperature can affect size, brightness, shrinkage, flow lines and other phenomena due to material If no mold temperature controller to hold in the future as possible when mass production difficult.

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