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Our injection molding machines have a big drive needed to grow and develop as
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Inverter and servo drive industry competition are now foreign-led, accounted for 80% of all the market share trend highlights from the big network series that the most outstanding industrial automation vendors will lead the next whole share of domestic brands improved. Low frequency and servo sectors in the next 10 to 10% annual growth rate (just over GDP), the market size in 2020 was 41.7 billion yuan and 138 yuan, the major vacancies in the domestic market requires that the manufacturers of plastic machinery and accessories continuous R & D and innovation. UPM technology at present is a dominant, which do not want to match the domestic competitive environment. Injection molding machine industry in China is a big country 8-9 million per year increase in injection molding machine equipment, injection molding machine to the drive power is generally relatively large, the servo system in 2011 the company is still expected to double revenue growth. The experience of the development of the inverter is tortuous: First, the foreign brands to monopolize the market, the last century, China's imports of high-voltage converter 90 mainly supporting key projects, energy saving domestic customers at this time did not realize that products sold at higher prices. Second, the domestic enterprises found a high frequency market, for technical breakthroughs, but customers do not face two major problems of trust and the product unstable, while half sell for less than foreign brands, but because of performance issues, domestic enterprises can only be a small customers to obtain orders. Third, domestic enterprises breakthrough, first of all through the accumulation of technology is not the problem, reliability, customer requirements have been met, the brand gradually established foreign brands generally lagging behind in the service of local enterprises, to the good development opportunities for domestic enterprises, Lee Tak Wah Fu and other domestic brands become the market leader in one fell swoop. Fourth, the domestic enterprises to fully blossom, when large customers aware of foreign brands are no longer monopolize the market, it will be more attention put into the domestic enterprises, to accelerate the localization process forward. The frequency trend in China is: the exchange of driver, high frequency power converters, control of the digital, intelligent and network so in the injection molding machine in China in order to have a greater as the drive R & D and technology update is essential! For the plastic products industry, power consumption is a major part of its production costs, while the injection molding machine is a plastic products factory is one of the major energy consuming equipment: At present, the vast majority belong to the injection molding machine hydraulic injection molding machines, hydraulic transmission system is powered by electric motor driven pump available. Production cycle in the process of injection molding, injection molding machines in different processes under different flow and pressure needed to rely on flow valves and pressure valves to control the different processes required flow and pressure. Load of the hydraulic system has changed dramatically, because the pump can not regulate the quantitative output power, so the excess energy can only baffle, oil leaks, the temperature rise in the oil consumed. This summary highlights only exacerbated the plastic variety of valve wear, and cause the oil temperature is too high, excessive motor noise, and mechanical phenomena such as shortened life expectancy. And often in the design, the user capacity of pump motor design is much higher than the actual needs, there are "big horse car" phenomenon, resulting in substantial waste of energy. Therefore promotion of AC frequency converter application in injection molding machines, reducing energy waste, reduce production costs is of great significance. The Inverter in energy-saving injection molding machine is in the advantage of strong, injection molding machine wiring frequency transformation, retain the original computer injection molding machine control system and hydraulic system of the circuit and the motor starts running Y-△ Buck the same circuit, using frequency energy / frequency converter control operation, failure to avoid affecting the normal production: the replacement of the mold injection machine PC board only to change work procedures, without any adjustment of the drive.

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