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August import and export of injection molding machines in China to double again
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This year in August, the Chinese import and export amount of an injection molding machine to double again, is the second in March and May since the third time this year doubled year on year to achieve growth. This year, month, year on year increase in the import and export amount of more than 50%, indicating this Years, injection molding machine import and export activity. According to latest customs data released in August this year, the Chinese injection molding machine (HS Code: 84771010) export 1649 units, the amount of $ 59,190,000, an increase of 73%, respectively, and 120%, the chain growth of -9% and 2% That is, with a considerable level of exports in July. From the amount of view, August exports hit a new high this year. 1005 Taiwan imported the month, the amount of $ 93,610,000, an increase of 114%, respectively, and 106%, double the growth achieved; with the July ratio changed little, the chain growth of 5% and 10%. Imports in March this year did not exceed The peak point ($ 97,510,000). 1-8 months, China exported 11,600 total injection molding machine units, the amount of $ 382,000,000, an increase of 80.7%, respectively, and 81% over the same period imported a total of 6665 units, the amount of $ 617,000,000, an increase of 119.1%, respectively, and 90.4% .

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