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Before the April 5134 Chinas total exports of injection molding machines grew
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April, China's exports injection molding machine (HS Code: 84771010) 1245 units, the chain increased, the amount of $ 38,830,000, a decline, but compared with the same period last year, up 56.8% and 31.1%. Month, imports 813 Injection molding machines, the amount of $ 73,880,000, an increase of 131%, respectively, and 88.4% decrease in the chain, it is obvious, imports grew faster than exports and imports is still higher than exports. 1-4 months, China has exported 5134 units injection molding machine, the amount of $ 160,000,000, an increase of 74.7%, respectively, and 53.2%. Taiwan imported a total of 2852 over the same period, the amount of up to $ 290,000,000, a substantial increase of 158.3 percent year on year and 98.5%.

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