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Our country exceeds hard data industry to will produce a center into world tool
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2, the enterprise should start a brand
An enterprise should have his brand product, namely the fist product with high content of science and technology, whether does the enterprise have competitive actual strength, those who lean is brand product. Foreign manufacturer takes a brand seriously, shop to want to buy famous brand commonly. Domestic company also begins to take a brand seriously. Domestic company also begins to take brand effect seriously, be like: Wool of sea Er freezer, Heng Yuanxiang, our industry also has those who declare famous brand product, be like: Diamond, have through what we declare " July 1 card " , " the card that taste a peak " etc.
Achieve a brand to carry a brand even, product quality is crucial, the product should stabilize ability to have reputation, be like: Top hammer, individual plant city of hard alloy factory " diamond " the card carries hammer on the head, we attend appraisal to meet at that time, pledge the quantity is in really home is top-ranking, but after passing a few years, product quality appeared to fluctuate, basically be raw material guards a pass lax cause. Although be, 2, but affected brand beneficial result. Company of production of a hard alloy can say Guangdong Fosan now is a promising young person, quality is very stable, domestic sales volume is the largest.

The product quality of the enterprise and credit are the most important, should make oneself industry survives with development forever benefit at incincible position, be about to rely on product quality to rely on credit.
3, increase goods to develop strength
Exceed hard data to will develop to fore-and-aft high administrative levels henceforth: Press is large change, scale of production is changed, craft recipe science is changed, product diversification, just be our development direction, develop diamond product energetically, everybody knows goods is the power that diamond expands, diamond is the base that products expands.
70 time grind a development for the delegate with diamond emery wheel, drive the first climax that diamond produces; 80 time develop to represent drilling tool with diamond bit, the development that drives diamond production the 2nd climax; 90 time because of stone lumber industry revive, diamond curiums a development, drove the 3rd climax that diamond produces; The 4th climax that 20 centuries diamond develops greatly has not been shown, occupying an analysis may be diamond cutting tool development can drive an industry to develop to deep administrative levels.
Goods tells on the whole: Breed is little, content of science and technology is not high, pack not beautiful.
1, breed is little, foreign goods has on 1000 kinds of products (Russia has 1500 to plant) , home has hundreds of kinds only.
2, content of science and technology is not high, be like compound piece abroad can accomplish diametical 120mm, home has 40mm only. Be like broach: Common mine uses bit much, among them major but the bit that hard alloy material does, also partial enterprise produces diamond bit, but get together brilliant, compound the project drills a broach, Bao Bi do less, content of these product science and technology are high, difficulty is great, service advantage is good. The common broach market that at present mine uses is very good.
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