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Type of new-style and efficient, high-powered screw mixes refine to press a faci
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By Dongguan China limited company of big mechanical limited company, Guangzhou city Hua Xinke machinery, Huanali is versed in the university is assumed jointly key of domain of key of harbor of another name for Guangdong Province broke through a project 2005 " type of efficient, high-powered screw mixes refine to press a facility " , pass smoothly a few days ago check and accept.

Experience receives committee discussion, think this project is one of polymer treatment domain major innovation, obtained multinomial China invention and practical and new-style patent, overall technology level is in international lead position. Check and accept committee to think consistently: This project already finished the technology that contract book provides and economic norms, agree to be checked and accept through the project.

As we have learned, "3 screw trends mixes polymer refine presses a facility " already realized industrialization, classics user use report is favorable. Up to now, this project always throws twenty million two hundred and forty-four thousand five hundred yuan actually (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , achieve sales revenue many yuan 4000. "3 screw trends mixes polymer refine presses a facility " industrialization fill domestic and international blank, satisfied technology of domain of material of Chinese high polymer to expand the requirement that raises increasingly, for China plastic and mechanical industry added the new product that has international competition ability

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