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Efficient implementation PET machines much screw extruder directly
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Pass different machine canister, screw to combine to extruder of parallel double screw together, almost all and plastic variety is wide on OK and contented market deserve to mix
Demand, become at present the market develops the rapiddest, application the most general deserve to mix a technology.

Meanwhile, to get used to the treatment demand that more expensive stuff estimates, domestic and international supplier developed screw of all sorts of millstones type extruder, move back and forth in successionThe much screw extruder of type extruder and different combination. In recent years, get used to the immediate treatment demand of sensitive data, much screw extruder is become graduallyTo deserve to mix a power that the market expands quickly.

Much screw new technology emerges in endlessly

Traditional much screw extruder is commonner planetary screw extruder, annular screw extruder waits, in recent years, different manufacturer and scientific researchCourtyard place was developed in succession pour a triangle to arrange 3 screw extruder, one word to arrange 3 screw extruder, one word to arrange 4 screw extruder, MRS muchThe new model such as screw extruder, and much screw extruder and odd screw or the immediate treatment system that double screw sets, develop in different domain specialaction.

Own research and development pours university of Beijing chemical industry successfully the complete clench the teeth that the triangle arranges 3 screw extruder. According to introducing, the 3 screw extruder of new developmentHave specific power consumption low, crop it is tall, good to mix dispersive quality, OK and lesser long way actors or actress than obtaining the dispersive effect at extruder of groovy double screw, andAnd exhaust performance is superior, vent does not have excessive makings, can reduce the loss of the raw material in producing a course and energy effectively. This project puts forward first and usedEnd panel combines an error to amend a technology, realized different whorl component to combine the smooth glide in the process to cross, assure the interchangeability of whorl component at the same time.

Polymer of college of industry of Hua Na grain is new-style shape research center of equipment country project tackles key problem with key of assumed national science and technology project and " 863 " projectTo rely on, development goes TDM series to go with Xiang Ping 3 screw trends mixes refine extruder. 3 screw of this extruder are become " one " glyph clench the teeth is arranged,
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