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China notes congress of collaboration of model industry business affairs to be a
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Chinese Dongguan message, save plastic industry association, international by Guangdong rubber-plastic net ( sponsors jointly " 2008 China record plenary meeting of collaboration of model industry business affairs " will be in on September 21 Dongguan Chang'an hotel is held.

Current mass rally aims to note model industry to build to share the information, high administrative levels that urges collaboration, promotional fellowship to communicate platform for China, accurate the development trend that holds industry of model of chip in of economic globalization pattern, understand the influence that the market of afore-mentioned change brings to the industry. The conference will have those who come from countrywide limits is plastic purchase the business, product that note model / supplier of supplier of auxiliary of treatment company, raw material, the machinery that note model, auxiliary equipment is supplied, personage of high level of many 300 nearly 200 enterprises that wait inside, company attends mould supplier. Conference general around " strengthen supply and demand of person arteries and veins double win " the theme spreads out. At the same time congress will have numerous come from the enterprise that cross a state, inside the personage such as industry expert is right note model trade current situation domestic and internationally to make deepness analyse.

This second congress gathered the outstanding talent of sale of each big company responsible market, it is the study of rare, communicate an opportunity. Of this congress hold, also made up for this blank that at present home did not extend collaboration to be thematic conference in the light of business affairs of the industry that note model. Congress is noting model industry most the Dongguan Chang'an that develop is held, the development that is sure to be an industry brings far-reaching influence (congress government website: Http:// .

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