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Chinese pattern company grows 3 paces to go
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We should be clear, the dominant position that domestic mould creates industry posture to compare company of foreign capital pattern still basically is reflected go up in cost advantage, but this kind of advantage will be more and more unidentified show. The backward, talent of the facilities of backward, production that the inferior position of domestic pattern company basically reflects the level of backward, technology in level of management grooms of the mechanism backward etc. Be opposite as pattern company in recent years of the adduction of advanced equipment, advanced idea carry out make derive from a body to develop speed to rise greatly, but return existence to be not worth. Pattern company majority of home is put in the idea that is content with the current situation, did not realize the enterprise wants to be able to develop to still must learn ceaselessly continuously, insist to innovate.

Location is exact the foundation that is development

Wait for a condition according to his technology, capital, equipment, accurate him establish product fixed position and market fixed position are the issue that current pattern company needs to take seriously. Hui Cong is plastic market level check

Majority of company of our country pattern is to produce the industry pattern workshop that matchs oneself oneself (cent factory) , professional mould factory is most also be " big and complete " , " small and complete " constituent form. To achieve management goal, what kind of mould order is received possibly.

Secretary-general of 枬 of Pan Yao of committee of management of association of Chinese mould industry thinks, the development of domestic pattern company should make clear his direction and target now, develop not blindly, also do not want striped-pants creed, should do " small and only, small and essence of life " enterprise.

And company of foreign capital pattern the mould demand that waits for an industry around car, electron, medical treatment mostly, decide oneself product fixed position and market locate. Put to seek to live on in market competition, seek progress, every die manufacturer has his advantage technology and product, take specializationed producer form. A lot of small companies, because hold to,go small and only, small and small and essence of life, special specialization manufacturing road, obtained favorable beneficial result. Hui Cong is plastic market level check

Pattern company should grow, hardware is crucial. A lot of companies of domestic to develop quickly, bought a lot of advanced and costly equipment. A lot of more devoted, but somebody of not regular meeting is used. The use of advanced equipment needs the talented person of high quality not only, at the same time the purpose to achieve let all things serve their proper purpose, have enough order even, import equipment to meet otherwise by unused become " burdensome " . When the condition is immature, pattern company is buying equipment to go up without necessary and devoted too much cost, it is OK that equipment is used quite. At present a lot of enterprises are buying ERP system, but these enterprises are the pattern company that has certain dimensions, for example limited company of equipment of mould of the steam austral Nanjing, Suzhou collects numerous moulding limited company to wait, company of not all pattern needs such system. The country that do not have stannum fills exact pattern limited company to ever learned foreign capital business advanced management concept, combinative company is real, combine development with university of Nanjing spaceflight aviation, development goes to be the C4P compositive system of the CAD/CAE/CAM/CAT of core with PDM, what realized CAD/PDM/ERP further is compositive, increased mould design and production rate and control capacity, increased the capacity of research and development of the product.
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