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MEDTEC China is established " medical and plastic treatment exhibits an area "
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"Design of equipment of 2008 international medical treatment and technical exhibition and seminar " (MEDTEC China 2008) will in September 9-11 day is in center of Shanghai international exhibition to hold. Exhibit conference ad hoc committee " medical and plastic treatment exhibits an area " , in order to cooperate the boom of plastic processing technology.

Should exhibit meeting by collect group of division summon for trial and China International commerce to promote committee Shanghai branch to be sponsorred jointly. According to introducing, the medical treatment equipment nowadays, 80% use plastic as raw material, involve a lot of processing technique among them, inject for example figuration, extrusion, finishing, solder, embed and agglutinate is waited a moment. Accordingly, MEDTEC China is established " medical and plastic treatment exhibits an area " , offer one-time appliance and a complete set of of diagnostic equipment to produce place to need resource for manufacturer of medical treatment equipment.

This exhibits an area to share 35 to postpone business, large firm includes to do obeisance to ear, will surely tall bit of letter, Holand, Demage, Daokangning, Evonik, Lu Borun, Miyachi, be able to bear or endure general collect, UPG China. Among them EVONIK company will reveal his the VESTAMID HTplus of high-powered plastic product that special development uses at replacing traditional metal to apply, this product is to be based on PPA (get together adjacent benzene amine of 2 armour acyl) half crystallization material, although steady still performance falls to behave in high temperature environment, and sexual price is compared tall, can provide more extensive design space. Besides similar raw material, the latest technology of the respect such as the treatment machinery that the person that look around returns benefit from of OK and personal feeling to be made at medical treatment equipment, custom-built moulding and patternmaking equipment.

On September 10, sponsor an unit to will hold a seminar to discuss the development situation of medical apparatus and instruments centrally, main topic for discussion includes: Demand of health of medical treatment of the research and development of medical treatment instrument that faces rising market and the development of industry of Chinese medical apparatus and instruments and innovation, innovation, individuation prompts medical treatment message the current situation of technology of the research and development of material of development of technology of 3 nets syncretic, biology, industrialization and own innovation, intervening medical apparatus and instruments and industry and development trend are waited a moment. Besides, exhibit also can set " join the lecture that postpone business " . 9 industries supplier will is aimed at plastic address with medical apparatus and instruments. Do obeisance to ear, Daokangning, Lu Borun to will be shared among them about plastic topic for discussion.
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