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Autumn harvest season greets grand meeting DMP2008 to exhibit taste newly
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On November 11, autumn wind sends bright, DMP2008 exhibits a center to will pull open heavy curtain in contemporary international of Guangdong of Dongguan large market. This second exhibit meeting cent to be two period hold, first phase: Mould of international of the 10th Dongguan reachs gold

Belong to treatment to exhibit, in November 11-14 day is held; The 2nd period: Oak of international of the 10th Dongguan is plastic, pack, die-casting and cast exhibit, in November 19-22 day is held.

Predict to exhibit meeting dimensions this to grow 10% than last year, assembly room area is amounted to 90, 000 square metre, ginseng exhibit a company 1300, exhibit 5000. Dispatch connects the company that exhibit 覧 and guild of Dongguan city machinery to regard as advocate

Run an unit, association of industry of Japanese plastic machinery (JPM) gives support energetically, as abroad support the unit is participated in jointly. Business of hardware of association of association of Hong Kong plastic machine, science and technology of Hong Kong mould, Hong Kong always is met

, association of association of manufacturing industry of Hong Kong electric equipment, trade of Hong Kong die-casting, Hong Kong casts the trade association, support unit that also is this second congress.

This exhibition is Huanade treatment of the plastic, mould with the largest area, metal, pack reach automation equipment to exhibit, cooperated the industrial characteristic of Hua Na area, various item on display assembles in, come from a world showpiece

The mechanical equipment with bound the most advanced each district, technology and stock, the person that make look around finds everything new and fresh. Other item on display includes nicety to note model machine, machining center, metal to machine the machine of equipment, scintilla, machine that blow bottle, detain to go out machine

, alloy of chemical industry and rolled steel of component of die casting machine, automation, oil pressure, pneumatic, mould, plastic raw material, raw material, aluminous material, lube, ultrasonic solders machine, pack, presswork material and equipment, surface

Service of tool of machine of processing equipment, motor, pneumatics, hardware, goods shelves, patternmaking, metal and plastic products treatment.

Enter the industry of plastic, mould that exhibits business to come from country and the area such as Taiwan of Germany, Canada, Austria, United States, Japan, Korea, China, China and Chinese Hong Kong well-known company. Key ginseng is exhibited

Business brought a lot of exhibit that have high-end technology for DMP 2008, there is no lack of to be in China first in the center the item on display of exposure. Join the large company that exhibit newly, mould and metallic treatment exhibit a respect to include: Shenyang machine
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