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General situation of market of PLC of plastic and mechanical industry is analyti
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The bitter fleabane break out of Chinese plastic industry postpones the development that drove model machine industry. Model machine industry maintained near 15% right-and-left growth for years continuously, formed relatively complete industry chain.

China has main model mechanism to build a business nearly 700 or so, can offer among them plastic shape equipment and important major make an enterprise have 250 or so, make an appointment with 60000 people from personnel of course of study. Production value of industry of Chinese model machine was 20 billion yuan about 2005, and demand of home market of the corresponding period is controlled in 30 billion yuan. Partial equipment needs to count an import.

Plastic and mechanical productivity of China basically is centered in delta of the Yangtse River and Pearl River delta the area that these two economy developed, if Ning Bo's productivity achieved China the half of whole and plastic mechanical productivity, because this area had formed chain of complete plastic and mechanical industry,this is main, the raw material that produces plastic and mechanical place to need and component can be purchased in this locality, plastic machinery of production also is sold in this locality or export through the haven of this locality.

In recent years, suffer the effect that international oil price rises, plastic finished cost rises considerably, and be in may not carry maintenance current further. The most immediate to model machine industry impact is slow down in demand and sale difficulty rises. In addition, the country is macroscopical adjusting control, the accretion that international trade chafes and the sources of energy are in short supply the problem all produced adverse effect to the development of model machine industry.

But because be in large, nicety and respect of high speed equipment, domestic product still is put in a lot of inadequacy, the amount of the plastic machine that in recent years China imports also is in rapid growth, import all sorts of model plane number every year to cover, double what be total production value of domestic plastic machinery about. Be in especially certain product domain, entrance equipment holds dominant position, be like the production of bottle of Chinese heat-resisting PET, finish by entrance equipment almost entirely, facilities of high-grade and filmy production also is introduced product line entirely.

Accordingly, plastic and mechanical industry will be in China the technical content of equipment, skill falls investment is increased on the automation degree of bad news and hoist. The addition of the demand that model aircraft manufacturer promotes product automation the standard will be the automation firm that includes PLC inside to bring more market opportunities.
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