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Plastic this year industry very get hurt
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A number shakes to domestic plastic industry recently very big: Up to this year first half of the year, the company of small-sized and plastic treatment that the plastic proprietor of an enterprise such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong wants to collect above of land in part already stop production, of 80 % above large and medium-sized the enterprise also is forced reduction of output. This is a findings of media. And the report that comes from plastic industry is: Plastic this year industry very get hurt. Investigate its reason, li Guojun of vice-chairman of association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment thinks, the adverse effect that plastic industry gets at present basically comes from Yu Yuanlin makings to rise in price, new " labor contract law " of become effective and exit drawback rate reduce.

Raw material rises in price: A lot of enterprises are not boiled

The plastic raw material this year rises in price too fast, do not have a law to be carried again went down; Such sound comes from have " plastic products is regnal " the plastic products company of the Zhejiang stage city that say. This year since the beginning of the year, oil and price of plastic raw material soare all the way. Because the numerous medium and small businesses of the plastic country station city of all along small small profit bears hard high cost, already was in condition of stop production, half stop production for the most part.

Prices of plastic first half of the year this year raw material all the way mad go up. Arrived especially 56 month, raw material price rose every tons in a month 4000-5000 yuan, go up be close to 40 % . Appear even sometimes " a day of two price " phenomenon, the value afternoon is more maximum than in the morning can tower above 500 yuan of / ton, to downstream plastic treatment the enterprise brings enormous cost pressure.

Raw material cost occupies % of 50 % ~80 in cost of plastic company production. As a result of monopoly position of upper reaches, produce to synthetic resin from crude oil refine, in the manufacturing catenary of plastic raw material, the businessman will rise in price smoothly bogus pressure pushed plastic products to process a business, plastic products is very difficult however " when the river rises the boat goes up too " , plastic treatment company cannot carry in time expensive product value, will rise in price cost is successful marry again is final consumer. Accordingly, plastic products company is the scareddest is raw material rise in price. Of cost of plastic industry raw material " cloudy day " only then 2003. And successive several years " cloudy day " make a lot of medium and small businesses are in weather after a few years, be not maintained really this year. The negative noble of company of lumber of one plastic pipe is used " abyss of misery does not have limit " will compare this a few years raw material rises in price the hot water that brings plastic treatment the company. Raw material of common polyethylene, polypropylene, from 2003 7000 yuan or so all the way Gao Ge, highest when go up 15 thousand yuan.
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