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Current situation of manufacturing industry of our country plastic machinery rea
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About the expert the analysis thinks, our country is plastic and mechanical henceforth the exit of the product will be given priority to with recording model machine. From the analysis on exit amount, predict all sorts of machine plant what occupy scale to be respectively: The machine that note model 60.4% , extruder 6.8% , hollow forming machine 11.7% , other model machine 21.1% . From plastic machinery product exit is achieved collect the forehead to look, the machine that note model 74.1% , extruder is occupied 8.1% , hollow forming machine is occupied 8% , other and plastic mechanical product is occupied 9.8% .

2002, the export total prep above of plastic and mechanical industry 2001. The company that held driving exit impetus 2002 has Inc. of day of peaceful wave sea and Zhejiang Shen Da plastic and mechanical limited company, reach than growing 3.6% 2001 respectively 3.39% .  

3, mould exit

In addition, exit of our country mould also shows ascendant tendency. 2002, our country exports a mould nineteen thousand five hundred tons, for 252 million dollar. Among them, plastic or balata is four hundred and sixty-seven thousand eight hundred with the mould, it is 172 million dollar about, 68.3% what constitute all export pattern.

The plastic pattern of exit provides ground of main supply of goods is Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Fujian, occupy the whole nation to grind an exit respectively 57% , 13.9% , 11% with 5.2% . Main export market is province of Taiwan of Chinese Hong Kong, Japan, China, United States and Singapore, it is Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, India, Indonesian next with Mexican and other places.

Although the plastic mould producing area of our country spreads all over the whole nation, but main concentration visits town each littoral in southeast, among them one belt centers You Yizhu triangle and long triangle most. For the city that press a province, guangdong province and Zhejiang province develop most. These two plastic moulds that save production occupy the 2/3 of countrywide mould total output about. Dongguan, Shenzhen, suitable heart is the place that provincial and plastic mould produces Guangdong to develop most; And city of Ning Bo, stage is Zhejiang provincial most the manufacturing ground that develop. Plastic inject mould is the dominant product in plastic mould, main service is mixed at car, autocycle electric equipment industry.

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