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Current situation of manufacturing industry of our country plastic machinery rea
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Our country plastic machinery makes industry since from 20 centuries 50 time production gives the first product, through nearly half century especially the high speed since reforming and opening develops, had built breed to all ready, main technique and economic norms are close to or achieve international now internationalization of trend of advanced level, form a complete set, production specializations stage by stage, have more massive whole industry system, the product satisfies home market requirement basically, exit is achieved collect ability to rise quickly.

One, our country plastic machinery creates industrial current situation

Current, our country is engaged in the company that plastic machinery and relevant product create, unit having 600 about, can offer among them plastic shape the agreement of equipment has 250.

Plastic and mechanical industry has had our country quite dimensions, current, our country's main plastic and mechanical productivity has been covered more than 100 thousand times, among them, squeeze an equipment more than 8000, the machine that note model more than 30000, hollow shape equipment more than 3000, the annual produce of plastic machinery amounts to 8 billion ~ 10 billion yuan.

From the market of plastic products the analysis looks, combinative our country is original and plastic the sufficient play of mechanical product productivity, 2001 ~ 2010, year of our country average increase rate of capacity of home market of plastic and mechanical product it is about 6% . 2000, was 8 billion yuan respectively 2005, 11 billion yuan, predict to amounted to 14.5 billion yuan 2010. Of the raising as quality of our country product and breed increase, plastic and mechanical product also will rise subsequently in the portion of home market, predict to be respectively 70% , 75% with 80% ; The gross value of industrial output of plastic and mechanical product is 5.6 billion yuan respectively, 8.25 billion yuan mix 11.6 billion yuan. Increase as what our country product exports, predict 2010, gross value of industrial output of product of machine of our country model achieves 14 billion yuan, for 2.33 times 2000, year average increase rate is about 9% , among them increase rate was 2001 ~ 2005 10% , increase rate was 2006 ~ 2010 8% .

From plastic machinery product measure is analysed, 2000, was 55 thousand respectively 2005, 75 thousand, predict to was 100 thousand 2010, among them, the machine that note model is occupied about 35% , extruder group is occupied 25% , hollow forming machine is occupied about 5% , other model machine is 35% .

2, our country plastic machinery makes industry export a circumstance

Our country is plastic and common current equipment besides demand of OK and contented home, equipment exports a quantity to also increase in year after year. Nearly 3 years, exit of product of our country plastic machinery increases the fastest period on the history. Long-term since, exit is achieved collect control in 50 million dollar all the time, exceeded 100 million dollar first 1998, added 2001 to 238 million dollar, grow 31.09% than 2000.
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