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Zhejiang visits a station " numerical control of 5 axes linkage is all-purpose m
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Zhejiang visits a station " numerical control of the linkage that do not have an axis is all-purpose milling machine " came out in limited company of machine tool of numerical control of peak of Zhejiang wild goose a few days ago. One put into production acquired this product the market is approbated, first prototype is in Guangzhou spring hands in meeting opening day to be bought by one Brazil client this year.

It is reported, this project invests many yuan 3000, introduce domestic and international name to actor or actress high accuracy machines equipment and testing instrument, after changing through two 0 ability that gain the ground, eventually trial-produce is successful. Without axial linkage numerical control all-purpose milling machine uses puissant cutting big torque advocate transmission, configuration does not have system of axial linkage numerical control, stage of circumgyrate of configuration numerical control and B axis swing milling head, machine tool feed moves 5 axle control, 5 axes linkage. Current, this equipment basically is the complex and stereo curved surface such as cam of the impeller that is used at processing harder data, involute, planar cam, and treatment efficiency is tall.

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