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The transducer application on plastic machinery

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In the manufacturing process of plastic product, as a result of plastic character, the norms of the product is various differ with the requirement that manufactures technology. So, very much place needs to undertake timing to producing machine, be like, the extrude machine, epispastic machine, machine that blow film, presswork, compound wait for machinery, what the timing great majority before home uses is dc timing, timing electric machinery (slippery poor electric machinery) timing these two kinds of methods, the cost of dc timing is high, and need often undertakes maintenance to dc machine, the cost of maintenance is higher, timing electric machinery although cost is low, maintenance is easy, but its timing precision is low the fluctuant effect that suffers power source is big, the torsion of low speed is insufficient.

As the rapid development of technology of electric power electron, the technology of frequency control is already mature, frequency control implement apply extensively already in national economy in each industry, its flowing stepless speed regulation, gao Ke relies on a gender, high accuracy, and managing electric energy, can increase the good point such as automation level, got be reflectinged very well in plastic industry, replaced the timing of dc and timing electric machinery stage by stage, the automation level of plastic machinery raised on certain level, promoted the development of plastic industry.

In Zhongshan factory of one adornment material has electric machinery of a timing to be 110kw, the extrude machine of 4 class, rotate speed of electric machinery output is 600 when turning, electric current already achieved 160A, once rotate speed exceeds 600 to turn, the voltaic wave motion of electric machinery is very big, rotate speed is not stable, and machinery shakes, cannot produce normally.

The boss of this factory is determined to undertake technical reformation to this machinery to raise crop and section report, he decides to replace original timing electric machinery with frequency control through the market research of many sided, in 99 years June, bought a 93kw, 6 extremely common three-phase communicates asynchronous electromotor, with the transducer of AMB-G593kw of an An Bangxin, change next original timing electric machinery, the rotate speed of the electric machinery after changing one's costume or dress is 780 turn and the input electric current of transducer is 80A only, not only manufacturing efficiency rises 30% , and can save charge of electricity everyday 1000 multivariate, can call in inside the time of two months total investment cost.

In Nanhai factory of one electrical wiring, used the transducer of two AMB-G555kw, installation is on the extrude machine of electrical wiring, be in plant of one plastic products, bought the product of more than 30 AMB-G5 in succession, power is in in installation of 1.5 ~ 37kw plastic on the machine that blow film.

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