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The type that mix refine blows velar nose to come out

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70 time end uses core strong pattern to blow velar nose mostly, 80 time end introduces foreign screw type to blow velar nose to do not have a change 20 years up to now, my company discovers through full-scale social investigation no matter size puts generally in easy generation of a common fault,screw type blows velar nose the following phenomena:

⒈ has difference as a result of nose stock temperature, bring about fuse-element fluidity consequently inhomogenous.
⒉ has blind angle to create internal pressure as a result of the design of helicoid unreasonable, bring about fluidity speed different, aperture of a few flow path can produce line of a few thickness.
⒊ blows velar visionary hope to change to be not stabilized constantly as a result of afore-mentioned phenomena, because nose reason produces thickness line,closing protruding muscle phenomenon can produce when coiling.
Some manufacturer homes to solve afore-mentioned phenomena, not hesitate the flower is gigantic endowment buy various rotating equipment, because helix nose oneself does not have improvement, unaltered bad distribution, just rotate through 360 ° make velar thickness deuces just.
Pass old research to debug, develop the type that mix refine to blow velar nose eventually, the principle that my company according to treats a disease to treat a root only changed the design principle of helix nose thoroughly above all, make stock fuse-element gets mixing refine inside the mould, make its fuse-element temperature gets adjustment, the fluidity of stock fuse-element gets ameliorative, eliminate afore-mentioned appearances.
This blows velar nose advantage: Reasonable without blind angle internal pressure, fuse-element liquidity is good, change makings is fast, piece makings is fast, yield is high, easy adjust, product quality and uniformity have very big rise.
Defect: Cost of raw materials and treatment cost prep above are common nose.
The type that mix refine blows velar nose to already declared national patent (patent date: ZL200520113862.1)
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