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Our country exceeds hard data industry to will produce a center into world tool

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Our country overtakes hard data industry is the industry that a new student is expanding ceaselessly, through 40 old development, from do not have have, arrive as a child big, our country already became diamond to produce big country now, marching toward powerful nation stage by stage. The development of before a few years of big press, diamond crop is overmuch, the price glides.
Through in last few years adjust, shuffle, fall into disuse, already entered the development course of healthy stability.
Diamond product and development of hard alloy tool are very rapid in last few years, the progress that gives diamond brought opportunity, our country will become world tool goods to produce a center.
Our country will exceed hard data industry to should develop diamond product mainly henceforth, only the great progress of goods tool just can bring good economic benefits. We should develop the product of high-tech content, do not duplicate the highroad product, avoid low-level competition, absorb diamond deeply to make price war the lesson that malign competition bites off own head.
One, enterprise otherwise breaks own innovation to promote a product to upgrade
Innovation is the soul that the people advances, it is the motive force with healthy business, rely on technical innovation, product innovation, management innovates, the enterprise does not innovate have no way out. If diamond powder accelerant relies on a technology namely innovation, ceaseless improve production craft, improved product quality, had stabilized production now, replaced a shape accelerant. Works of tool of Guangdong some diamond produces a platoon to curium, through ceaseless technology innovation and technology progress, improved product quality, the product that imports abroad now was squeezed go out, raised our country diamond platoon to curium those who produce a business is famous degree.
The person that diamond industry innovates should notice the following:
1, innovation is not too high to reach, you are bannerer than others half pace, more than half pace, innovate namely; Improving technology is innovation; Diamond synthesizes medium automata to innovate namely; Diamond synthesizes new trend, lap catalyst pink outside carbon synthesize diamond.
2, innovation thought should be put in the first place at any time and place, do not wait for an enterprise to encounter difficult have no way out to just think of to innovate.
3, the product upgrades should conform with international, the product that the enterprise produces wants those who get an international market to approbate, because this should be perfected,detect method and quality standard. Hunan essence gets a company to detect in diamond the respect is banner one pace, combine the methodological look of foreign equipment and home, do very well, of the famous brand product that the enterprise will declare henceforth, want Hunan to exceed assist of affix one's seal, want to detect through their instrument, just can approbate.
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