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Our country plastic machinery is replacing entrance product stage by stage

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Drive in what plastic products industry grows flourishingly below, quantity of plastic and mechanical produce and sale already ranked the world the first. Production value of our country plastic machinery exceeded 20 billion yuan 2007, meanwhile, export volume is increased ceaselessly, and the growth rate of exit is far the growth rate that is more than an entrance. But the expert inside course of study points out, the structure of plastic and mechanical product adjusts our country urgently.

The statistical data 2007 shows Chinese custom total sign, gross of plastic 2007 mechanical exit is 100633 (form a complete set except) , than going up year grew 51% , import volume is 25765 (form a complete set except) , decreased 12% . Spend from the forehead on look, plastic 2007 machinery exports 1.45 billion dollar, than going up year grew 40% , import 2.56 billion dollar, than going up year grew 7.2% .

From these data can see, although our country is nearly 4 times the quantity that machinery exports is quantity of number of feed inlet more plastic, but the in part that exports the value of the product to just import product value however (56.7% ) . The plastic machinery that this makes clear to our country is exported " contain Troy " inferior. In the meantime, although compare,our country plastic machinery imported an amount 2007 on year decreased 12% , and value increased 7.2% however, the plastic and mechanical value that explains at present our country is imported further is relative taller, it is high-end product for the most part namely, it is the variety that home cannot be produced or equipment performance cannot obtain a requirement.

Accordingly, the expert points out, although pass ceaseless adjustment and development, china's plastic and mechanical production and level of form a complete set are rising ceaselessly, but photograph of advanced level of we and abroad is compared, still put in bigger difference, especially high-end product still cannot satisfy need, product structure promotes urgently.

Our country noted the exit gross of model machine to be 17577 2007, 47% what occupy plastic machinery to always speak a volume, than going up year of growth 20% ; The import volume of the machine that note model is 13825, 74% what occupy plastic machinery to always import an amount, than going up year decrease 10% . The exit specified number that noted model machine 2007 is 480 million dollar, 58% what occupy plastic machinery to always export the specified number, exit amount grows 37% ; The entrance forehead of the machine that note model is 930 million dollar, 74% what occupy plastic machinery to always import the specified amount, entrance amount decreases 5% .

The expert inside course of study thinks, this is a welcome change, explain to while the machine of China that note model is satisfying home market, striding to the international market, but we also should see difference, be in especially large with tall nicety our country of side of the plane that note model spends entrance of nearly 1 billion dollar every year even, because industry of this model machine is in,respect of high-end product research and development still needs to do more hard.

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