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How does civilian look forward to dissolve the crisis that collective finds new
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Collective of civilian battalion enterprise finds new job is the expression that market resource configures afresh, also be the show that the talent seeks new development opportunity, come down from altitude shedding like water, encounter the place that has crack to be able to go certainly of fill. I understand staff of civilian battalion company to choose collective to find new job, because the idea of backbone team, aspiration produces conflict with former company,be, and with former boss of civilian look forward to waits for respect objective to differ in company fixed position, then the choice is sought additionally tall.

Because,returning some is, former after civilian look forward to expands in dimensions, the project that backbone group place develops became a link of company business. In such civilian look forward to, group core personnel can be waited for possibly only in sectional manager locally, have litre of job hard. Under photograph comparing, if go to the civilian battalion enterprise with a lesser dimensions, in new company the likelihood suffers hire accomplish manager of department of sectional inspector general, career, even company manager, attributive feeling of the individual and value sense are stronger, because this stems from rising to the individual space and the admissibility that the profession expands, they can choose to leave former company.

The enterprise most that expert of processing of civilian look forward to Mr Ceng Shuiliang thinks to admit collective to find new job is a few civilian battalion enterprises that are in outspread phase, perhaps manage itself to be belonged to inattentive model civilian battalion enterprise. Run more normative foreign enterprise and state-owend enterprise to won't accept collective to find new job commonly; A lot of more contrary civilian look forward to, because lack core technology or standard management, short-term inside leave a certain project to take or solve problem of a certain technology, can accept this kind to find new job collective. To admitting civilian battalion enterprise for, the likelihood had this to approve a person, can run immediately make money, but itself of civilian battalion enterprise did not gain experience of corresponding management, skill; In the meantime, the civilian battalion enterprise that admits collective to find new job also is risking very big management risk, because since can have jumped from other company,want admitted group, they also can from jump here, need prevents them to take off again. The group that collective finds new job may is uneven on personnel quality, new company may need 9 among them people only enough, but the interest that latter is in an organization to safeguard, ask whole group is accepted, the cost of choose and employ persons of new company can raise a lot of, the working mode that these group itself formed besides to secure and a few go regular, the civilian battalion enterprise that how blends in new company is organized and a problem also is in company culture. Because whether this admits collective to find new job, new civilian battalion enterprise also should be in advantages and disadvantages of balance of a lot of respect, comprehensive consideration.
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